How to Transfer Hotmail Emails to Gmail with Attachments?

Admin | September 16th, 2020 | Email Migration

In this new era of digitization, the use of Gmail applications is growing. All users want to have their own email account in Gmail, but some have Hotmail and other email clients attached. Therefore, it is useful to transfer Hotmail emails to Gmail and tell them how to start sending and receiving emails using Gmail.

Hotmail Backup

Why Need to Transfer Hotmail Emails to Gmail Account?

  • Gmail has unique features than Hotmail.
  • Recently, Gmail is the most popular email service.
  • Gmail provides more storage space than Hotmail.
  • Gmail save contacts, calendars and meeting schedules.
  • Easy to manage graphical user interface.

How to Move Emails from Hotmail to Gmail with Attachments?

Here are two simple techniques to easily import all Hotmail emails to Gmail without losing any data from any email.

Gmail Inbuilt Utility to Transfer Hotmail Emails to Gmail

  • Open and “Login Gmail Account
  • Click on the “Gear” icon at the top to open “Settings
Go to Settings
  • Then go to the “Accounts and Import” tab and click on the “Import Mail and Contact” option
Accounts and Import
  • Enter “Hotmail Email Address” and click “Continue
Continue to Transfer Hotmail Emails to Gmail
  • Then provide “Hotmail Password” to start the transfer process
Transfer Hotmail Emails to Gmail with Attachments
  • Finally, select the “Import Options” to move emails from Hotmail account to Gmail.
Import Options to Move Emails from Hotmail to Gmail

When the entire process is complete, all Hotmail emails can be displayed in the Gmail account with all attachments.

Hotmail Backup Tool to Move Emails with Attachments to Gmail

There is another way to export Hotmail emails to Gmail. Use a Hotmail Backup Tool to transfer Hotmail emails to Gmail with attachments. This is the best solution for questions. It is the best secure way to convert Hotmail to Gmail. There is no problem if it usually works. Otherwise, you will need to upgrade the Hotmail backup tool to transfer emails from Hotmail to Gmail.

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Hotmail Backup Tool is the best invention to download and transfer Hotmail emails. This tool runs smoothly on all versions of Windows. Before investing in software, you can try out the demo version and evaluate the performance of the software.

Steps to Export Hotmail Emails to Gmail

Step 1: Run Hotmail Backup tool and login securely with Hotmail account

login securely

Step 2: Select PST option and browse a location to save the Hotmail emails

select pst option and browse destination

Step 3: Click on Start to transfer Hotmail emails to Gmail.

start the process

Step 4: Install GSMMO tool on your system and run it

enter gmail credentials

Step 5: Import the PST file to migrate Hotmail emails into Gmail.

select hotmail file
migrate Hotmail to gmail

This way you can securely convert Hotmail to Gmail without any case of data loss.


As suggested above, the manual method can easily transfer Hotmail emails to Gmail with attachments. The suggested software can save Hotmail emails into multiple formats. So, choose any suggested methods as per requirement.