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Resolve Windows Detected A Hard Disk Problem Backup Your Files Error

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“Do not worry about having a hard drive error in your computer anymore. If local machine informs you with “Windows detected a hard disk problem backup your files” error message, calm down! Just simply follow this write-up, you will find an efficient technique to fix hard disk problem/bad sectors without losing a bit of data in your PC.”

Quick Glimpse on Windows Detected A Hard Disk Problem

This problem can happen to anyone. The prompt up window with this error warning will inform a user to start the backup process to prevent loss of information.

Windows Detected A Hard Disk Problem Backup Your Files

This error occurs when there are any mechanical issues and another serious problem happen in the hard disk. This may damage your Operating System, slow it down or even induce its shutdown. Such problems or errors can be very irritating as they may show up in every 2 to 5 minutes. In most situations, such warnings are a signal of hard disk problems, system failures, damage to system files and much more. We do not recommend to ignoring it, instead, the foremost thing to do is find out why it happens.

When you confront this error message, there are a few things you should be aware of. Firstly, you require to know the fact that your hard disk failure and it may die sooner. This means you could lose all of your valuable data, applications, documents, videos, music, and photos you have stored in the hard disk. Additionally, your system may take a longer time to load than, it ever did or stuck and stop responding with growing frequency. And the last one, your system files may eventually become corrupted and unbootable. Once a user stuck in this kind of head-scratching issues at that point they may find an alternative to fix the error immediately. In this article, we will be going to describe the techniques to repair the Windows detected a hard disk problem backup you file error without any data loss.

How Did This Issues Occur to The Hard Drive?

Before moving forward to the finding solutions to fix had the drive problem, it’s highly recommended for you to find out the root causes of hard drive errors. This would be very helpful for you to prevent a similar issue from occurring again.

  • False operation and human mistake.
  • Badly affected by the virus and malware.
  • File system damaged or highly corrupted.
  • Bad sector induces on the hard drive partition.
  • Mechanical and logical errors.
  • Due to hard drive failure.
  • System errors such as registry error and so on.

Free Solutions to Repair Windows Detected A Hard Disk Problem

It is difficult to figure out the reason for the proper issue only by seeing this warning message. The warning itself does not mean that the hard drive is damaged or that there is a problem with the desktop. Below, you can find some techniques that will help you to resolve this cumbersome error effectively.

Technique 1: Run CHKDSK Command

  1. Firstly, type “cmd” and click on Enter to open Command Prompt
  2. Then, add chkdsk C: /f /r /x and hit on Enter
  3. Run CHKDSK Command

  4. If you need to fully check and fix hard drive problem on your system, then you can replace C: with your other partition drive letters later
  5. This command will help to check, find and resolve all errors in hard disk partitions in your PC appropriately.

Technique 2: Utilize system file checker to repair the Hard Disk error

  1. Initially, type “cmd” in the search bar and hit on Enter key
  2. Now, add “sfc /scannow” and choose Enter key
  3. Utilize system file checker

  4. Afterward, this command will help to scan all protected system files and replace all the corrupted data files with a backup copy. When the process is completed successfully, your hard disk would work in an efficient manner again.

What Can You Do When Unpredicted Hard Disk Problem Occurs?

So you may think that what can I do if hard disk error happen? What Windows wants to recalls you with prompting an error message? The system would appear this message to ask you Windows detected a hard disk problem start the backup procedure or Ask me later? Yes, it clearly means to take backup data in advance. You can particularly copy and paste specific files and documents one by one into another secure storage devices. It is better to take a backup because it is a prime step to make your data safe from any future uncertainty.

Professional Way – Resolve Windows Detected A Hard Disk Problem

Most of the users prefer free solutions as compare to paid one. But, they should need to aware that the manual solution having some constraints that affect the procedure badly. So, here we come up with an alternative to resolve the Windows detected a hard disk problem backup your files error instantly. This is capable to overcome all the limitations and facilitates positive outcome named “Windows Data Recovery” tool. With the help of this software, a user can get rid of from this error within a few minutes. Moreover, this furnishes multiple features and functionalities. You can easily utilize all without any hindrance.

Professional Solution

Time to Conclude

This article highlights the top 2 ways to resolve Windows detected a hard disk problem backup your files error. Basically, the free solution having some limitations. So, it is advised to go with an alternative named suggested by FreeViewerWindows Data Recovery” software. This facilitates an understandable user interface so, a non-technical user can also avail it. Moreover, a user can go with any one of them as per their preference.