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Is Your SQL Database Corrupt During Upgrade? Here is the Solution

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SQL Database Corrupt During Upgrade

The Copy Database Wizard is a software used by almost all database administrators to transfer or copy databases with their objects from one server to another without any hassle. The main plus point of using this wizard is that it lets users upgrade SQL Server database without any downtime. It has become one of the most popular ways to migrate a small or medium-sized database between the servers. Apart from all this, it also lets administrator move or copies extra database objects and metadata also like SSIS packages, objects required by the database which is copied, log in from the master database, etc. Get to know why SQL database corrupt during upgrade?

This application is very important, competent, and handy but in some situations because of unexpected events such as power surges or abnormal system shutdown during the upgrade, results in corruption in SQL database. Now, to continue the workflow, it is really important to repair corrupt SQL database and get access back to the stored data. Therefore, in order to recover SQL database, one is advised to use any proficient and reliable third-party tool. Therefore, this application will let users know how to repair damaged SQL database after upgrades in a seamless manner. Apart from this, steps to upgrade SQL database using the Copy Database Wizard is also discussed so that one can upgrade SQL database in a proper manner.

Solution to Fix SQL Database Corrupt During Upgrade Error

Most of the SQL administrators encounter database corruption issue while upgrading SQL 2005 to 2008 and they are continuously looking for some reliable solution. Moreover, in such cases, they need to abort the migration because there is no other option. After that, they can restore the entire database from either backup or logs and restart the migration.

Now, what to do if SQL database becomes corrupted? The simple solution is taken the help of some expert repair solution instead of the unreliable manual solution. Choosing SQL Recovery Software will be handy and wiser choice to overcome this problem. This software is one such reliable solution that a user can use without any risk of data loss. This tool is capable to fix SQL database corrupt error due to faulty upgrades and all other complex issues such as mounting issue, dirty shutdown, abnormal shutdown, missing logs, etc., It repairs both primary and secondary SQL database without any hassle including all data items like triggers, tables, functions, etc.

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How to Upgrade SQL Server in a Proper Way?

Follow the step-wise procedure to upgrade SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2008 and avoid SQL database corrupt during upgrade:

  1. From SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), open Copy Database Wizard. Then, via SSMS, connect to SQL Server 2005 and right-click on the name of database name, which you want to upgrade
  2. A menu will pop-up. Choose Tasks >> Copy Database… option
  3. From Copy Database Wizard, click Next button to start the upgrade process. From the new screen, choose SQL Server 2005 source server name and suitable authentication mode
  4. Click Next and choose SQL Server 2008 destination server name and a suitable authentication mode
  5. Click on the Next and select any of the transfer methods. The most of the preferable method to upgrade SQL databases is “Detach and Attach Method” for which but switching source database to offline mode is most important
  6. Choose the database that you want to move from the displayed list of the databases. Now, you have to choose between “Move” or “Copy” option for the database or you can choose both also
  7. Specify the database name and also decide whether you want to overwrite the existing databases at the destination or want
  8. Choose additional objects, which you want to copy or move to SQL Server 2008 server
  9. Define SSIS package and logging option that suits your setup
  10. Choose whether you want to run the SSIS package at that time or later on. In addition, below SSIS package running settings, there are an Integration Service Proxy account settings. These settings will determine the user account, which is necessary to run the package
  11. Click on the Next button and verify your choices. If everything looks perfect, click on the Finish and begin migration process
  12. When the upgrade process completes, a successful completion message will pop-up on your screen.


Many organization administrators use Copy Database Wizard in order to upgrade their SQL Servers. But sometimes it starts creating issues like SQL database corrupt during upgrades. In such type of situation, Above mention tool can be used to repair damaged database. In addition, proper SAL Server up-gradation steps also covered in order to avoid database corruption issue in future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I repair SQL database that was damaged during the upgrade?

You can repair corrupt SQL database using DBCC CHECKDB repair option. If the level of damage is severe and this command does not work, you must use the SQL database repair tool.

Can I recover deleted SQL data from SQL Server?

Yes, with SQL Recovery Tool, it is possible to recover deleted SQL database data items like tables, stored procedures, indexes, triggers, etc.,