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How to Recover Corrupt Database from SQL Backup File (.bak)?

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Repairing a corrupted SQL Server BAK file is a tedious task as SQL Server does not provide any inbuilt utility to repair it. A large number of users are looking for a solution to recover corrupt database from SQL backup file. To fix the SQL BAK file corruption issue, here, we will describe the best solution to repair corrupt SQL Database from a .bak file. Read on to get the most appropriate solution.

In this blog, we will cover all these topics, such as as-

  • Overview of Microsoft SQL Server
  • User Query to Recover Corrupt Database from SQL Backup File
  • Manual Way to Repair Corrupt SQL Backup File
  • Automated Solution to Recover Corrupted SQL BAK File

Brief Introduction of MS SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system used for storing and retrieving data by other application. SQL Server supports three types of files to store and manage data like MDF (Primary files), NDF (Secondary Files) and LDF (Log Files).

User Query to Recover SQL Database from Backup File Which Got Corrupted

Here we mentioned one user query related to repairing a corrupted SQL Server BAK file.

“Hi, I am using SQL Server 2014, and last week I took a backup of SQL Server database and got a .bak file. Two days ago I lost some data from the SQL Database due to accidental deletion. So, I tried to restore .bak file, but when I try to restore the database from a .bak file, an error appears. Is my SQL BAK file corrupted? Please guide me how can I repair corrupt SQL .bak file and restore it to the SQL Server Database.

Mackenzie, New York

Can Manually Repair Corrupted SQL Server BAK File?

No, there is no manual way to fix corrupted SQL Backup file. You can restore BAK file to the SQL Server Database that is not corrupted with SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio). SSMS is a free software application that allows to create SQL Server Database backup and restore SQL BAK file. To resolve the SQL backup corruption issue, you must use a third party tool like SQL BAK File Recovery Software. The application will help to recover corrupted SQL database from BAK file.

Direct Solution to Recover SQL Database from Backup File Which is Corrupted

The SQL Server Backup Recovery tool is a powerful utility which helps you to repair corrupt SQL .bak file and restore the recovered data to the SQL Server Database. It has a simple user interface that even a novice user can use it without taking external help to fix corrupted SQL Backup file.

Step-by-Step Process to Repair and Restore SQL BAK File

Step 1. Download, install and run this Software



Step 2. Click on Open and Browse to add SQL Server .bak files. Also, select version of your SQL Server BAK file.


Step 3. Click on Multiple Backup file option to recover and restore multiple .bak file at once.


Step 4. Select the required files and click on the Recover button to recover SQL Database from Backup file which is corrupted.


Step 5. After scanning and recovering the data items, Select the required items and click on the Export button.


Step 6. Choose Export to between SQL Server Database and SQL Server Compatible SQL Scripts. Also, choose Database Authentication and fill the required information.


Step 7. Click on the required database objects and choose Export option between With Only Schema and With Schema & Data.


Step 8. Click on the Export button to directly export all the recovered SQL backup file to the SQL Server Database.


Top Features & Benefits of SQL Backup File Recovery Software

This Backup Recovery tool provides many features to recover SQL database from Backup file which is corrupted. Some of the highlighted features are as follows:-

Repair and Restore Multiple BAK Files

The software offers Multiple Backup File Options i.e. Auto detect the SQL Server multiple .bak files and Let me choose the SQL Server multiple .bak files. You can easily choose any option according to your requirement.

Auto Detect SQL Server BAK File Version

If you don’t know the version of your SQL Server .bak file version, the application provides an option to Auto detect the version of SQL Server .bak file.

Displays Complete Preview of All BAK File Elements

Once the scanning and recovering process is finished, the tool shows a complete preview of all recovered SQL .bak file elements like tables, views, stored procedure, keys, columns, etc. You can select the required items to export to live SQL Server Database.

Export SQL Backup File to SQL Server Database

The tool exports recovered BAK file data items directly to the SQL Server Database. You only need to enter credentials of SQL Server such as Server Name, User Name, and Password.

Supports All Versions of MS SQL Server and Windows

You can recover .bak file SQL Server 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 and all below version. It can be easily operable on all Windows Operating System such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, etc.


In this blog, we discussed the complete process of how to recover SQL database from Backup file which is corrupted. Here, we use the mentioned tool as there is no another way to repair corrupt SQL .bak file. SQL Server launched SSMS software application by which the user can backup SQL Server database and restore BAK file. But, it does not support to recover a corrupt .bak file. The recovery software successfully recovers data from Wallet Ramsomware affected .bak file. It is also capable to export Deleted Records from SQL backup file. The tool recovers MDF and NDF files saved within the SQL BAK file.