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Search EML File Instantly with EML Advanced Search Feature

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Published On May 6th, 2024
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Nowadays, email clients act as one of the most efficient support for organizations and users to implement data handling and communication process. A wide range of email clients are available so, one can opt for any email client according to the requirements. Email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Mozilla SeaMonkey, etc. are some commonly use email clients at both user and organizational levels. Such email clients are associated with a unique file format i.e EML, which is for an email message save to a file in the MIME RFC 822 standard format. One can easily advanced search EML files via the supporting email client.

Sometimes, the user face issue when he/she has to search for a particular file among various EML files without any email client. In such a scenario, the user has to make use of an automated tool. In the section explained below, we are going to introduce a top-notch utility to search EML files in a hassle-free way without the need for any email client installation.

Lets Us Consider A User Scenario For Better Understanding:

“I am a Forensic Investigator in a well-known Cyber Security Company. Recently, I was assigned a case in which I have to investigate around 300 EML files. The problem is that no email client is installed on my system and I do not have enough time to carry out the installation process. Thus, I want to know is there any way to use which I can work with EML files without email client dependency. Moreover, I want a complete solution to investigate EML files without any data loss and security issues. Please suggest me a trustworthy tool with advanced features.”

Best Yet Reliable Way to Analyze and Search EML Files

The user can opt for an all-rounder and smart EML to PDF Converter to examine EML files in a seamless manner. The software is integrated with advanced features and functionalities. Moreover, after all the investigation of EML files, the user can save them into a platform-independent file format i.e. PDF. The software also offers Advanced Search feature which makes easier for the user to search for specific EML file among numerous EML files. The user can also make use of a searching filter such as AND/OR to get more specific results.

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Advantages of Advanced Search Feature Offered By Pro Tool

  • With the Advanced Search feature provided by the Pro Version tool, the user can search for a specific EML file among multiple EML files in a trouble-free way







  • For the in-depth investigation, Forensic Investigators can make use of search filters such as AND/OR. This will help them to get more accurate results according to the search filter applied

EML Advanced Search by AND/OR

  • One can apply filters to different categories such as To, CC, BCC, Subject, Received Date, Sender Name, etc. for more specific output

To, CC, BCC, Subject, Received Date, Sender Name

  • Once the search process is completed, the results are highlighted by the utility

EML Advanced Search

  • The software also permits the user to export EML files into PDF format.

Export Into PDF

Summing Up

There are many users who search for a versatile solutions. To examine EML files without any data loss and security issues. Thus, in the above section, we have introduced the software which makes it easy for users to investigate EML files without any email client. Moreover, the software is integrate with amazing features. They are advanced search, EML to PDF conversion, maintains of data integrity, etc. The Advanced Search option makes it easy for the users to search for specific EML files among numerous EML files. After all the investigation and search process, the user can easily save EML files into PDF format in just a few clicks.



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