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How On-Demand Analytics Service Works with Azure Data Lake Effectively?

Azure Data Lake is becoming an analytics service that aims at analyzing big data in a simpler avatar. This will allow organizations to focus on running, managing, and writing jobs instead of monitoring a distributed infrastructure. Users use query to extract useful insights and change their data, instead of deploying, configuring or tuning hardware. These on-demand services can be used for handling a small or large scale business by an estimate of power requirement. Users will have to shell out for service while running, by creating a cost-effective investment. Also, the analytics service is designed to serve as Azure Active Directory which enables the user to manage roles and access, integrating with on-premises organization’s system in an actual manner.

Further, it comes with U-SQL language, which integrates the goodness of SQL gracefully with user codes expressive power. U-SQL’s scalable distribution query allows making sense of data across multiple SQL servers, besides in the store.

Besides, you can use SQL Server to Azure Migration tool, which helps to move SQL Server database to Azure. It allows the user to migrate corrupted data into the healthy state from a local server to Azure SQL Database. With this utility, you can perform selective migration of SQL server database objects.

Key Capabilities of Azure Data Lake Analytics

Here are following actions that will help to know the functionality of azure data lake. Please have a look:

Summing Up

In this blog, we have discussed all the advantages of Microsoft Azure Data Lake Analytics. Also, we have suggested an alternate method (100% Secure and Reliable) to let users understand how On-Demand analytics service works with Azure Data Lake. SQL to Azure Database Migrator is the best approach that helps to perform migration from SQL Server to Azure SQL database in an efficient way.