Sqlite Forensics 2.0 — FREEVIEWER

Sqlite Forensic Tool to Investigate Browsers, Mail Clients, and Smart Phones Data

  • Recover, Open, & View Contents of Sqlite Database and save it in PDF, CSV or HTML file Format along with corresponding journal file
  • Browse Information from different Sqlite Files (.db, .db3, Sqlite, Sqlite3, .fossil).
  • View and Analyze emails in Binary Format using Hex View Option
  • Featured option to add multiple Sqlite Databases within single case.
  • Recover & View Deleted and Password Protected Sqlite Database.
  • No File Size Limitation to Open Sqlite Database in Windows Operating System.

Eminent Features of Sqlite Forensic Tool


Preview all Components of Sqlite

Sqlite Forensics can be scanned, opened, and viewed within the software. All components of Sqlite database, i.e. tables, indexes, triggers, views, and columns can be previewed with the tool.


No Server Dependency

Sqlite forensic tool allows opening corrupt Sqlite database of different variants (.db, .fossil, .Sqlite etc.) There is no need to connect with the server to open Sqlite database on Windows.


Hex View option to analyze emails in Binary Format

By using the Hex View option users can analyze the emails of Sqlite Database in binary file format. The software is capable enough to detect operations performed on each byte of the message.

Analyze BLOB Data

Preview & Analyze BLOB Data Type

BLOB is a special data type which can store large amount of data in SQL server table along with multimedia components. With the help of Sqlite Forensic Tool users can preview and analyze this special type of database.


No Size Limitation for File

There is no limit for the database file size that can be viewed. Sqlite file of gigabytes and terabytes can be recovered and opened. Moreover detailed status of the file and its items can be checked.

Search Filter

Search Filter for Database

To filter out specific part of the database, Sqlite forensic analysis tool includes the Search option. A suitable phrase can be used to filter out desired table, index, view, or any other components that gives a clue to investigation.

execute several quries

SQL Editor to Add & Execute Several Queries

SQL Editor Feature of the tool enable users to add and execute multiple queries within a single case. After completion of the analysis process the software offers an option to save the analyzed query for further process

Sqlite Forensic Tool — Overview

Sqlite Forensic Analysis Tool: The Advantages!


Sqlite forensic tool can help to analyze extracted data with the advantage of previewing the database in a tabular form. The DB browser consists of a number of features that helps to simplify forensics procedure by carving out and collecting artifacts that gives investigation a turn for successfully extracting evidences for litigation.

  • Sqlite Browser Support: The Sqlite reader generates preview of varies data files that stores information about a browser. The freeware supports opening database of popular browsers including Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera, and others. These web browsers uses Sqlite as the primary storage for database.
  • Smartphone DB Scanner: The contact list, the message chat history, the social networking/IM chats, the information about apps and their related data gets saved into Sqlite. Smartphones working on technology like Android, iOS uses Sqlite to store the database. However, to view the DB in the tool, the data should be available in non-encrypted form.
  • Email Database Reader: A list of desktop mail clients use Sqlite database to store its data and for its easy fetching. Email applications like Incredimail, Outlook 2015, Mailbird, etc. uses Sqlite for saving the mailbox information along with settings, contacts, calendars, and related data.
Elements that makes Up Sqlite Database

Sqlite forensic analysis tool is capable of handling database in GB and TB. The components of database can be previewed in tabular form with all metadata attached within. With the Sqlite DB forensics tool, following components of the database can be viewed:

  • Primary and Foreign Keys
  • Fields and Records
  • Primary and Foreign Keys
  • Fields and Records
Sqlite Database Forensic Analysis Tool Screenshots
 forensics tool
Step 1: Sqlite Forensics
Step 2: ADD Sqlite DB File
Step 3: Tabular Bar
Step 4: Export Sqlite File
Sqlite Forensic Analysis Tool Specifications
Forensics Tool

Size: 13.3 MB Version: 2.0



System Specifications

  • Windows 8.1 Window 7
  • Minimum 1 GHz Processor
  • Minimum 512 MB RAM
  • 10 MB of free space
Common FAQs
We want to view Whatsapp Chat details for investigation. How will the Sqlite forensic tool help?

Whatsapp chat history gets saved into msgstore.db file which is located at /data/data/com.whatsapp. The tool will allow opening it with and analyze the database components to carve artifacts.

What is the maximum file size that can be opened with the tool?

There is no limit to the Sqlite file size. You can open file of any size in this Sqlite file reader program.

At a time, how many databases can be added and opened?

In a single running instance of Sqlite forensic analysis the tool, you are allowed to add only one Sqlite file into the software. More file can be added and previewed but one-by-one.

What Clients Say

Sqlite forensics is so helpful & the best part is it is absolutely FREE. A huge thanks for rendering such a wonderful service, that too with such an efficiency.

- Joshua - Malaysia

Sqlite forensic get started by analyzing the database. This tool has given a trustworthy platform to open the DB file on Windows and examine its contents.

- Colton , Canada

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