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Download SQLite Viewer for free and view browser created cookies, apps and Website Cached data.

  • The all in one solution for your SQLite data viewing needs.
  • SQLite Viewer gives user the ability to browse all the information from all SQLite variant (.db, .db3, SQLite, SQLite3, .fossil among other Variant)
  • The SQLite Browser will let you view the Database in semantic and systematic way.

Key Features of FreeViewer SQLite Viewer

View SQLite Database

Preview all SQLite Database

The SQLite Viewer gives you the ability to preview everything within the database from tables, view, triggers to pictures, and other data type. Also view the deleted files that exists within the DB.

Server Independent

Server Independent

At no point you need to be connected to the database server to access the data. You are free to access the data regardless of the Server connectivity or policy as long as you the SQLite database.

No Size Limitation

No Database Size limitation

The software does not imply and file size restriction explicitly or otherwise, You are free to view database of any size provided your machine is capable of handling and processing such database.


Search within the SQLite Database

You can perform search within the database and narrow down to the specific element you are looking for thereby saving your precious time and avoiding the frustration of not finding at the same time.

SQLite File Viewer — Overview

SQLite Browser — Advantage and Core Features

SQLite Opener Tool

The SQLite database browser comes with host of features that helps you to view the data in organized way by preserving the data logics and maintaining the pragmatics of the SQLite data.


Some core features of the SQLite Reader are as follow:

  • The app supports numerous browsers and you easily able to view data files generated from different web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari among other browser that uses SQLite as its primary DB storage format.
  • Smartphone DB Viewer: The SQLite file opener is versatile and can also be used in cases when you want to view data generated from android smartphones or other mobile devices such as Nokia Symbian, Microsoft, Blackberry or view SQLite data from Apple iPhone. As long as the data is not encrypted by the phone you can easily view everything stored in it and it does not matter to the SQLite view what manufacture build or OS used to run and the only prerequisite is the SQLite should be healthy and non-encrypted.
  • SQLite Cookies Viewer: Since may browser store your browsing behavior and other personal or non-personal information in cookies the software comes handy and is an excellent tool to view, read and analysis the content and cookies generated by those browsers. Simply give the files location of the cookies generated by the IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome or other web browser.

View SQLite Elements, Procedures Keys & Everything else

SQLite Opener Elements

The software is equipped to handle databases that are multi-Giga and terabytes in size and all the components associated with the database is presented in meaningful and systematic way by separating and combining each component by their properties.

The software will show you the below mentioned component that together as whole make up the whole SQLite DB.

  • Primary and Foreign Keys
  • Fields and Records
  • Primary and Foreign Keys
  • Fields and Records

Compatibility Across Multiple Type, Sphere & Platform

DB Versions The software supports different variant of the SQLite DB. Such versatility and backward compatibility is what makes up the SQLite Viewer stand up among the best and top in the industry. The SQLite variations that the browser supports are mentioned below:

  • *.db
  • *.db3
  • *.sqlite
  • *.fossil

Browser Compatibility : The software supports SQLite data generated from different browser and you will be able to view everything that they have stored. Some of the browser that the software is compatible with are:

  • Internet Explorer (IE)
  • Opera (Opera Mini for Mobile)
  • Google Chrome
  • Maxthon
  • Android Browser
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Netscape
  • UC Browser
  • Skype

Diversity: The software is of enormous potential and can be used in diverse field. Some of the arenas that the SQLite Reader can found its usefulness in diverse field such as:

  • SQLite Analysis: The SQLite Viewer can play its role very well for analysis purpose. The only prerequisite for the purpose is that you need the SQLite data and no matter from where the data originates the tool will give you each and every detail in systematic way.
  • Browser Cookies data mining: The software will give you everything back whatever the browser have stored in the memory cache with or without your consent hence the software is a good way to know if you r browsing habits are being tracked, monitored or used in any way without your knowledge.
  • Smartphone Data Analysis: The software gives you the ability to view and monitor the data stored in the smartphones and mobile devices. Though the software will work across major mobile device manufactures but for the sake of clarity we are listing some:
  • Samsung
  • Motorola
  • AT&T
  • Apple iPhone
  • LG
  • HTC

SQLite Viewer Tool Screenshots

SQLite viewer tool
Step 1: Launch SQLite Viewer Software
SQLite Scanning
Step 2: Scanning Process
view in vertical mode
Step 3: Log Analysis
SQLite File viewer
Step 4: Export Result
SQLite Viewer Software Specifications
SQLite Viewer Software

Size: 2.1 MB Version: 1.2



System Specifications

  • Hard Disk Space: 10 MB of free hard disk space
Common FAQs
Is it is possible to repair and view the corrupt data?

The basic version allows user to view the SQLite file even if it is corrupt state but In order to recover it to normal state user have to purchase the pro version of the SQLite File Viewer software.

Is it possible to view the browsing history using the software?

Yes, as long as the DB format used by the web browser to store the cache and history files is in SQLite format you will be able to easily view the content.

How many Database one can add at a time?

The SQLite File Viewer software allows adding one SQLite database at a time.

What are the SQLite versions that the software supports?

The software currently supports SQLite version‚ 3.7.7‚‚ 3.7.8‚ 3.7.9‚ 3.7.11‚ 3.7.12‚‚ or 3.7.13‚ The other DB format the software is compatible with are .db, .db3, SQLite, SQLite3 and .fossil format.

What Clients Say

The SQLite Viewer tool that you are providing is quite good and efficient and helped me to view the database without much hassle. Recommended for anyone who wants to look at their SQLite database in plain and simple way.

- Smith - New York

Hi, thanks for the customer support, I didn't even purchased something from you still you gave such awesome technical support. Really appreciate guys and also going to recommend to my colleague whenever they want such SQLite Viewer tool.

- Ethan, US

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Multi-Terabyte compatibility
Search and find using the KW or phrases
Support Windows OS 7, 8, 8.1 & 10
Export Selected SQLite Items
Export to MS Access MDB format
Export as SQL MDF File
Export to other RDBMS format using the DSN
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