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Features of RTF File Reader

RTF File Viewer

Overview of RTF Viewer

  • RTF Reader to Open, Read, and Access Rich Text Files
  • Supports and Load Images, Tables, Graphs, etc., Used in Text
  • Independent Application to View RTF File without any Program
  • RTF File Reader to Open RTF File of any Versions
  • RTF Viewer is compatible with all Latest Edition of Windows OS

View RTF File

View Rich Text Format Without Word

RTF Viewer tool enable users to freely open and view rich text format. This software permits users to browse corrupted and damaged RTF file. This software supports several versions of RTF files and there is no file size limitations appended with it. Open RTF file without getting corrupted.

Open RTF File

Standalone Utility to Open RTF File

RTF Reader does not require any kind of supportive computer program for its working. Moreover, our tool will independently work on its own when it is loading entire content of RTF file within it. The application is having easy-to-use interface and can be accessed by any kind of computer users.

content view

See Complete Data/Content of RTF

If the content of source RTF file is having any objects, pictures, different fonts, annotations, and drawing objects then, our RTF Viewer will load all these thing in its window and thus, you will easily be able to view files with its entire data. The software will not harm the original formatting while processing files.

customized view

Customized Way of Viewing Text File

RTF Reader is designed in such a way that it renders two modes of viewing RTF file i.e., Portrait and Landscape. By default, the content will be loaded in portrait mode and if required, then you can switch mode to Landscape also. RTF Viewer supports by any versions of Windows OS like 10, 8, etc.

Steps to Read RTF File With RTF Viewer

Frequently Asked Question

I am facing a trouble while viewing RTF files in MS Word 2013. Will your RTF Reader help me out in reading my RTF file?

My RTF file of my machine had gone corrupted due to virus attack on my systems. I was trying to repair these file but, an urgent request occurred to view some RTF file. Will rich text format viewer support such damaged file so as to resolve my issue?

I am using Mac operating system on my personal computer and want to view RTF file within it. Is your RTF Viewer tool compatible with this Apple OS?

Does your software requires installation of any supportive application from the list of Microsoft tool?
What Clients Say

"It is really an awesome solution to view RTF files on Windows. I had used this product to open rich text format on my PC because I was not having MS Word installed on my machine. One of my friend recommended me to use your freeware and I followed the same. Really, the RTF viewer is nicely developed with easy-to-use interface and useful set of features."

- Emanuel Robbins, America

"RTF file viewer is really an amazing tool to open RTF file and view it. It displays all the entire content along with tables, graph, pictures, etc. Genuinely, the software does not make any modifications when it comes to loading of data from RTF file. Headsoff to the developers who initiated such application within the market."

- Diane Mason, France

Open and Read RTF File
Supported with all Windows Versions
Support Large Size of RTF File
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