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FreeViewer Mac OLM Splitter Software

FreeViewer OLM splitter is an ultra-quick and genuine tool which can efficiently break large OLM files into multiple small files sizes in no time. The tool is designed in a manner in which it can split large-sized OLM files with multiple feature-rich options i.e., by size, date, email ID and folder.

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  • Option to split large OLM files by Size, Date, Email ID & Folder
  • Break OLM file minimum by 100 MB & maximum by 20 GB size
  • Divide OLM files of more than 20 GB file into small file sizes
  • Option to Split by Date to break emails by Date and Date Range
  • With Split OLM by Email ID – Divide by From, To, Cc, Bcc sections
  • Split by Folder– to Break OLM file by All folders or Chosen folders
  • Preserve metadata properties of source & resultant divided OLM file
  • Maintain status of the email message – Read/Unread Status
  • Does not require Mac Outlook installation to split large OLM files
  • Capable enough to split archive OLM files of all Outlook Versions
  • Support splitting of OLM files for Mac OS X 10.8 & Latest Versions

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Highly Secure and Result-Oriented Tool to Split Large-sized OLM Files

FreeViewer OLM Splitter Software

3 Simple Steps to Break Oversized OLM File

Remarkable Features of FreeViewer OLM File Splitter Tool

Tool to Split Mac OLM files Effortlessly into Small File Parts

split large OLM file

Highly Sophisticated Options to Break Large OLM Files

  1. Split OLM File by Size: This option allows to split large OLM file by size i.e., minimum by 100 MB and maximum by 20 GB. Additionally, the software can efficiently split OLM files which are having more than 20 GB file sizes. This option lets users to divide oversized OLM files with data items like emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, etc.
  2. Break OLM File by Date: With this option, one can partition OLM files via date. Using split by date option, two individual OLM files will be created. One OLM file with the data i.e., before the specified date and other OLM file mentioned after the date. Option to split by date range allows to specify the date ranges under “To” and “From” fields thereafter an OLM file will be created.
  3. Divide Oversized OLM by Email ID: In this option, users need to mention the email ID from which the OLM file will be splitted. It allows to partition OLM file by From, To, Cc, Bcc email ID. Choose the desired option based on the need and the resultant OLM file will be only the email messages which falls under To, From, Cc, Bcc categories.
  4. Split large OLM File by Folder: This option is further divided into split all folders and split selected folders. Users can choose the respective option as per the demand. Moreover, a separate OLM file will be created for each selected folder. Complete OLM data items can be divided with this feature.

Easily Split OLM Files by All Folders or Selective Folders

During the process of breaking large OLM files by folder, users can use customized options, which is induced in this feature. This includes option to split all folders or selective folders. Upon choosing this option, firstly the software will scan the entire folders from the uploaded OLM file.

  1. Split All Folders: This option lets users to divide OLM files into small files for all OLM folders like emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, inbox folder, sent items folder, etc. Moreover, a separate OLM file will be created for all folders that are included in the OLM file.
  2. Split Selected Folder(s): In case of splitting only desired folders out of the OLM file, users can select this option. In this, OLM files can be created individually for each selected OLM folders to break large OLM files.

divide oversized OLM file

Eminent Features of FreeViewer Mac OLM Split Software

Divide OLM files into Multiple Small File Parts

Split OLM File

Capable to Break Oversized OLM File

With this FreeViewer OLM file splitter tool, one can split OLM files of more than 20 GB file size instantly into small sizes. The tool provides the option to break OLM file by specifying the exact size of one’s choice in the given field box. Break oversized OLM file of entire OLM data items like emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, etc.

Divide OLM File by Size

Option to Split OLM File by Size

The software offers ‘Split OLM by Size’ feature to break large OLM file into multiple files of defined size. This option prevents Mac Outlook file from the corruption problem occurred because of large OLM file. As per the need, users can choose the file size between 100 MB & 20 GB. After that, the utility divide the OLM file into several parts.

Split OLM by Date

Option to Divide OLM File by Date

With “split by date” option, two separate OLM files will be created, one with the date mentioned before the date and other OLM file with the data after the mentioned date. However, “split by date range” allows to set the dates under “From” and “To” wherein the OLM file will be created comprising with the email data that falls under the date range.

Divide oversized OLM File by Folder

Option to Split OLM file by Folder

Another advanced option provided by OLM file splitter is split by folder. With this option, entire OLM mailbox items like emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, journals will be divided. It is divided into “Split All Folders” and “Split Selected Folder (s)”. One can split entire folder or selective folders by choosing the respective options from the software panel.

Break OLM by Email Id

Facilitates to Split OLM File by Email ID

FreeViewer Mac OLM splitter offers another amazing feature i.e., break OLM file by From, To, Cc, Bcc email ID. Simply specify the email ID from which the OLM file needs to be divided. Thereafter, choose the desired sections i.e., From, To, Cc, Bcc. Thus, the OLM file with the email messages from the selected category will be created.

Divide archive OLM file

Efficiently Break Archive OLM Files

Embedded with advanced algorithms, this remarkable Mac OLM split tool can flawlessly break OLM files (archive) into small parts. No matter whether it is created in 2019, 2015/2016 or 2011 Outlook versions, the tool is capable enough to split OLM files by availing different split options from the software panel.

split olm file

Save OLM At User Specified Location

Within the software pane, the Mac OLM split tool renders an additional advanced option to save newly created OLM file. This can be done by choosing the option “Create New Folder.” By this, users need not have to store the resultant divided OLM file in an existing folder, rather it can be saved in a brand new folder by selecting the option from the tool’s interface itself.

read/unread status

Maintain Email Message Status

This tool to divide OLM file is designed and developed considering all the users’ requirement. As a result, it ensures to keep read/unread status of the email messages intact for the resultant OLM file as per source file. Users need not have to worry about data inconsistency issue using this error-free OLM splitter.

maintain metadata

Smartly Preserve Data Integrity

OLM splitter allows users to split OLM file by size, date, email ID and folder. Moreover, the divided OLM file is well-maintained while keeping the metadata properties intact of both source and resultant OLM file. No data is corrupted or misused. There is no worry of data loss or data formatting concerns by availing this risk-free tool.

split olm file report

Create Complete Report

After the split process of an oversized OLM file is completed, the tool automatically saves the log report in the mentioned location in CSV format. The comparison report includes information with regards to the divided OLM file i.e., folder path, folder name, fail count, etc., Thus, users get an overview of the divided OLM file in a clear picture.

Mac OLM Split Software Specifications

Free Download OLM Splitter to Divide OLM Files

Software Download

Size: 31.1 MB

Version: 3.0

Demo Limitations


Trial Version of Mac OLM Split tool will Divide Only First 50 Items/OLM File.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
100 MB of free hard disk space required

Minimum 4 GB RAM is recommended

Operating System

Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), OS X 10.10 (Yosemite), OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) & all above versions


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Features Demo Version Full Version
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Split OLM file by Size Break First 50 Emails/OLM File
Divide OLM file by Date Split First 50 Emails/OLM File
Break OLM file by Email ID Divide First 50 Emails/OLM File
Divide OLM file by Folder Split First 50 Emails/OLM File
Support Mac OS 10.8 & Above
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Split Mac OLM File on Mac OS X 10.10 OS?

break large OLM files

4 Easy Steps to Break Large Mac OLM files into Small Parts:

  • Step 1: Install and run Mac OLM splitter to divide OLM files
  • Step 2: Insert OLM file on the software pane via Add File option
  • Step 3: Choose the required option to split large Outlook OLM file
  • Step 4: Click Export to begin breaking of oversized OLM file
Yes. Mac OLM split tool provides option to split OLM file by folder, which is further divided into split by all folder or selective folder (s). By this, an individual OLM file will be created for each selected OLM file.
The total time taken by the utility will depend on the size of the file. However, the software guarantees to break large OLM file in a minimum time span.
No. OLM file splitter is a standalone application and does not require internet connectivity to split OLM file by size, date, email ID and folder.
The software is capable enough to break OLM files generated on Mac OS X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10 and all the above versions.
No. It is an independent utility where no Outlook installation nor any external application configuration is required to break large Mac OLM files.
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