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Outlook is Unable to Connect to The Proxy Server – How to Resolve

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MS Outlook is considered as one of the best email client for most of the corporate and home computer users. The organizations mostly prefer MS Outlook because it eases the use of an email account on the computer system with great features for easy access and it also organizes the mail attributes as well. But there are times whenever the MS Outlook is in offline mode the users are encountered with various errors and face many troubles which completely blocks the access to email data. One such error is Outlook is unable to connect to the proxy server. Here, we will discuss about the error in details.

Outlook is Unable to Connect to The Proxy Server – Error Messages Received

There are various times where the MS Outlook is connected to a server using RPC (Remote Procedure Call) connection or using the HTTP connection. Here are the following error messages generated:

  • The problem with the security certificate of the proxy server. The Outlook is unable to connect to that particular server.
  • If the name of the security certificate is invalid or it does not have the same name of the site. In that case, Outlook is unable to connect to the server.
  • The security certificate is not from the trusted certifying authority. Because of this Outlook is not able to connect to the server.

Reasons Why This Outlook is Unable to Connect to The Proxy Server Error Occurs

The reasons why these errors occur in MS Outlook is as follows:

  • The requirement of Certification Authority(CA) for connecting to the server.
  • The certification authority might not be trusted at the root.
  • The certificate is not having the same name of the site with which the connection is being made.
  • There are times and situation where the certificate might have been revoked or is no longer valid.
  • Some third-party browser or add-ins are blocking the access to the particular website.

Solutions to Overcome the Outlook is Unable to Connect to The Proxy Server Errors

The solutions for overcoming the errors in MS Outlook is as follows:

1. Examination of the Certificate

In case the user receives the error 1 or error 2. In that case, it’s recommended to examine the certificate properly and thoroughly. The user should check two things in the certificate. First, look that the certificate should not be expired and second, the information which is mentioned in the subject field should match the name of the site. The steps for examining the certificate is as follows:

  • First, in the address bar of any browser type “https://www.[server_name].com/rpc” and then press the Enter key and after that connect to the RPC server.
  • Now in the lower right corner of the web browser double click and then select the padlock icon.
  • After that select the Details.
  • Now in the dialog box, look for the validation date of the certificate and the subject. In the case of the expiry of the certificate, the user must contact the administrator. But in case the subject filed is not the same then make the changes required.

2. Installing Trusted Root Certificates

The steps for installing the trusted root certificates are mentioned below:

  • First, in the certificate dialog box click on the Install Certificate option.
  • Now check the option Place All Certificate in the Following Store.
  • After that select Browse option.
  • Now select the option Trusted Root Certification Authorities and click on OK button.
  • After that click on Next and then Finish option to end this process.

3. Disabling third-party Browsers and Add-Ins

The steps to remove the errors by disabling the third-party browsers and add-ins is as follows:

  • First, click on the Start button and then select the Run.
  • In the textbox type exe/safe and then click OK.
  • In case if the MS Outlook starts in safe mode then it means that this issue has been caused by the third-party add-ins and the only solution to disable it is by following the steps mentioned below:
  • First, open MS Outlook application and then select the File.
  • Now click on Options tab and then select Add-Ins options from the left-side menu.
  • After that in Add-Ins section, users can select and remove the add-in which they want to disable.
  • Finally, exit and restart the MS Outlook application again.


MS Outlook is one of the most used email clients in today’s modern organization. While working on Outlook is quite challenging for the users also. So there are times where the certain errors stop the working of Outlook application. But to counter it we mentioned above the few steps which the users can easily solve the Outlook is unable to connect to the proxy server error they are getting while they are working on MS Outlook. After that, the user can connect the MS Outlook to the proxy server.