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Solve IncrediMail Not Sending Emails and Receiving Emails Error

Ugra Narayan Pandey | Modified: April 15th, 2022 | 3 Minutes Reading

This blog discusses the cause of the “IncrediMail not sending emails” error and the solution to the problem. All possible causes and solutions are mentioned in the blog. Users can turn their attention to this article and find a solution, which they deem feasible for themselves.

As a provocative email user, it is necessary to deal with the root causes of harmful errors that make IncrediMail unable to open. IncrediMail cannot send emails, IncrediMail unable to receive emails, and other harmful errors. These errors interfere with the day-to-day running of e-mail programs. This scenario will restrict people from opening the IncrediMail application or communicating over the network.

Then talk about the “IncrediMail not sending emails” error, this problem can happen at any time with no consequences. Therefore, it is recommended that users consider the cause of the error as a preventative measure. This is because the error will stop in the future once the error is successfully resolved.

Top Three Reasons of IncrediMail Not Sending Emails Issue

For a variety of reasons, IncrediMail’s approach has become obsolete. You can look at the following points to understand the cause of this case:

  • Incorrect Email ID Configuration: This error is likely to occur due to some unknown activity in the email configuration process. This happened because the email account was not set up correctly in IncrediMail, which created problems during server communication.
  • Various Problems with PC Firewall Settings: There may be a situation where you need to change the firewall settings that are compatible with another program but not IncrediMail compatible. Therefore, it is very important to remember all the changes that have been made so that you can easily analyze why IncrediMail is not working properly.
  • IncrediMail Data File Corruption: Last but not least, virus attacks, system failures, etc., all these harmful activities contribute to the unstable email client. These computer threats can cause corruption of the IncrediMail database file, and the file cannot be accessed while the program is running.

Respective Solutions to Fix IncrediMail Emails Issue

The measures depend on the cause of the problem. Therefore, once you have finished the cause of the problem, choose any suggested solution to solve the problem immediately.

  • Reconfigure Email Account: First, delete the existing IncrediMail account, then proceed with this steps: Open IncrediMail >> Tools >> Email Accounts >> Account Wizard >> Choose Gmail >> Enter Gmail Details >> Give Permissions to IncrediMail >> Select Require Account Settings >> Congratulations >> OK >> Redirect to Mail Accounts >> Close.
  • Change System Firewall Settings: You may have manipulated the existing firewall settings. Therefore, if “IncrediMail not sending emails” error does not occur, please check the firewall settings.
  • Convert IncrediMail Data: After doing all the above steps, if the problem is not solved yet, then the only way left is to do so. Here, you need to select a third-party tool, IncrediMail Converter. The software export all database files of IncrediMail email client and restores mailboxes from them. Regardless of the extent of the damage, the tool backs up all damaged files and converts them to an error-free state.

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 IncrediMail Not Sending and Receiving Emails


Whenever there is any problem, the individual is responsible for curing it in the shortest time possible. The reason for this is that ignorance of the problem will lead to new major problems. Therefore, when you come across the error “IncrediMail not sending emails”, do not ignore it. Instead, use the techniques described here to solve the problem.