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How to Fix SQLite Unable to Open Database File Issue?

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Published On December 4th, 2023
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SQLite Unable to Open Database File

Summary: In this blog we will discuss about SQLite unable to open database file error. Know the prevention checklist with automated solution to fix the sqlite3 unable to open database file issue.

If SQLite is unable to open the database file, this means that the SQLite database you are trying to open is corrupted. There are various causes of corruption, such as file overwrite issues, file locking issues, database synchronization failures, storage media failures, and many more. If the SQLite database is corrupted, it needs repair.

Whenever the SQLite database goes into an accessible state, it means the file is corrupted. All you have to do here is to repair your SQLite database or retrieve your SQLite data. Do you know why this happens? If the process fails during the transaction for some reason, the actual action will automatically be rolled back and you will have to start again. Due to the corruption, you may receive an error message such as the following:

“SQLSTATE: General error: 14 unable to open database file.”
In Python
“SQLite3: OperationalError: unable to open database file.”

SQLite Unable to Open Database File

Prevention Checklist to Fix SQLite Unable to Open Database Issue

Prevention of the SQLite database is always better than repairing. First, try to attempt the following checklist to fix the database inaccessible issue:

  • Make sure Apache can write to the database’s parent directory.
  • Make sure that the folder does not start with the full path to the database files with a number.
  • Check the full path containing the db directory.
  • Make sure that the /tmp directory is globally writable.
  • Make sure that the path to the database specified in settings.py is a complete path.
  • Make sure there are no special characters in the path.
  • On Windows, make sure the db directory path is written with double backslash.

Common Causes of SQLite Database Inaccessible Issue

When SQLite database is corrupted, it becomes inaccessible at any time. Before explaining how to repair SQLite database, let’s discuss the most common causes of SQLite database file corruption.

1. The Problem of Overwriting
You can overwrite the SQLite database file because it is a regular disk file. There is no way to protect your SQLite database from such overwrites. There can be some serious problems, including Running file descriptor, Restoration while a transaction is in running mode and Deletion of a Hot journal.

2. File Locking Problem
SQLite provides the ability to lock SQLite database files. Unnecessary changes caused by two different processes to the SQLite database can result in data corruption. To avoid this, only lock the SQLite database. On the other hand, if the function is convenient for the user, it can cause serious problems. These are Missing lock details, POSIX advisory lock cancellation, The contradiction of two different protocols, Numerous links to a file and Rename or unlink database.

3. Database Synchronization Failure
SQLite database sync command operates real sync. That’s what causes the SQLite unable to open database file error. But if it acts as an I / O barrier, you may face obstacles that will allow you to roll back the action further. This puts the SQLite database in passive mode as it can override ACID properties (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability).

4. Storage Media Failure
If something goes wrong with your storage media devices, such as your system’s hard disk or flash memory, the SQLite database can be corrupted. Unsolicited changes to the content of the storage media can cause serious problems for SQLite users. Make sure you have enough storage space on the disk so you can write more details. However, if you do not have space to store data and try to write something to it, your SQLite database may be corrupted.

SQLite Database Recovery to Open Damaged Database File

SQLite Database Recovery software provides a simple, fast, and efficient solution to repair damaged SQLite .db files without changing the original data. With this tool, you can restore important database objects such as tables, indexes, views, triggers from a corrupted SQLite database.

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Fix SQLite Unable to Open Database File Step by Step

Now, we all know that the automated tool is the right solution to fix this critical problem. In order to resolve this sqlite3.operationalerror: unable to open database file problem, users must learn the step by step working of the tool. Therefore, we is the solution mentioned. Just download the tool & then go through the five easy steps:

Step-1. Install the Software and then Launch it in your system.

launch tool

Step-2. Click Open button to browse & Select the SQLite File.

click on open button

Step-3. Scan and Recover Corrupted SQLite database files.

scan files

Step-4. Set the Destination to export the healthy SQlite data.

select destination

Step-5. Click Ok & fix sqlite3 unable to open database file.

click ok


We discussed all the possible reasons for SQLite unable to open database file issue. Suggested prevention checklist and automated solution to solve the problem. Choose wisely because the SQLite database has the most crucial information.

Most Asked User Queries

Q-1. Why do I get sqlite_cantopen: unable to open database file error?

Ans: Well, there can be several issues for the same, The most common ones are:

  • Overwriting Issues
  • File Locking Problem
  • Storage Media Failure
  • Corruption in SQLite Data Files
  • Database Synchronization Failure

Q-2. Is This tool to fix sqlite_cantopen: unable to open database file free?

Ans: Well, not at the moment. However, it does offer a demo version for users to test its capabilities.

Q-3. Is there any manual Solution to fix this error in SQLite database?

Ans: Yes, preventing all the causes mentioned above can fix sqlite3.operationalerror: unable to open database file error. Otherwise, for repairing, the automated tool is the best choice.

Q-4. In how many formats can we export the data after repairing?

Ans: The software provides with three export options:

  • MS Access Database
  • SQLite Database
  • Other Database



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