How to Host Sage Pastel on the Cloud with Free Trial?

Adverbs like “You have to move to the cloud” and “Are you in the cloud?” Many organizations do not hear it loud and clear. This is because there are problems with cloud-based accounting software. The main problem is that Sage Business Cloud Accounting lacks the features, complexity, and processing speed required by some organizations. Now it’s time to host Sage Pastel on the Cloud.

These systems (Sage Pastel Partner, Sage Pastel Payroll, Sage 200 Evolution, or Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner) can now be hosted on a virtual private server (VPS), which is subsequently hosted in a private cloud. This is different from a cloud-based system because the system runs in a known location, behind a firewall, and cannot be accessed by anyone other than authorized personnel.

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FreeViewer Sage Pastel Cloud Solution for All with Free Trial

FreeViewer introduced Sage Pastel on the Cloud solution with a free trial offer. Sage Hosting in the cloud is a way to preserve the return on investment in software and skills and reap the benefits of cloud services.

Request for Sage Pastel Cloud Solution

For all organizations, it makes sense to keep the features, skills of the employees, and the plugins they have developed with the Sage Pastel Cloud solution. They should continue to use these systems to ensure the continued success of their organizations.

Benefits to Choose FreeViewer Sage Pastel Cloud Solution

1. No physical server required: No need to purchase a server to install Sage 200 Evolution or Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner. Therefore, there are no capital expenditures, only operating costs that can be fully deducted each month. You will reduce hardware support costs, insurance costs, and power costs, and you will get many benefits as described below.

2. Make the upgrade easy: When you purchase physical hardware, you usually specify the maximum RAM, CPU, and hard disk capacity, and you may never need to use those resources. With a virtual private server, you can set it up and adjust it on the fly for optimal performance and cost management.

3. Ensuring the physical security of the server: Safety and security are the key issues in South Africa. If your office is broken and all the equipment is stolen, you will need a comprehensive backup strategy to restore your server.

4. Provide better opportunities to manage server network security: Network security is a headache. Malware, ransomware, and disgruntled employees can do serious damage to the organization. If a worker opens a ransomware email that infects all connected devices, it will not infect the virtual private server because it is not on your network. The hosting server should be located in a level 3 center with complete Internet security, and many clouds hosting network security software should be installed.

5. Achieve business continuity: Natural disasters will prevent access to your office, but will not prevent access to your virtual private server. Therefore, if you move your employees to a backup location, they will connect their new laptops or hardware to the virtual private server and continue working.

6. Easier to perform disaster recovery: When the server is hosted in a virtual environment, there are many tools that can create the latest image of the server at some point. If the virtual private server is damaged or inoperable, this image can be used to quickly restore the service elsewhere.

7. Allow access from multiple locations: As long as there is an Internet connection, no matter where you and your employees are, you can access the virtual private server.

8. Maintain quo status for employees: You have invested heavily in setting up operations, training system staff, and developing specialized integration modules to ensure your organization performs in the best possible way. None of this needs to be changed when you switch to a virtual private server.


No need to stop accounting software Sage 200 Evolution or Sage 50cloud Pastel Partner Partner, because you need it in the cloud. With virtual private servers hosted in tier 3 or tier 4 data center, you can maintain your fully comprehensive accounting services and take advantage of the above benefits.