How to Access Busy Accounting Software on Android, iPhone Mobile?

Are you a Busy accounting software end-user? And you never know how to access Busy on mobile platforms like Android or iPhone. This blog provides you with information on how to use the Busy accounting software in smartphones and its benefits.

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The busy accounting app called BusyApp has its Android platform application. It is designed to access and view company data from anywhere. It is important to know that BusyApp only allows you to view company details. You cannot enter or manipulate company data.

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Prerequisites to Open and Use Busy on Mobile Phone

Below mentioned prerequisites are mandatory before using Busy in smartphone platform:

  1. You must have a valid Busy License subscription.
  2. Must be the standard or enterprise version of accounting software Busy.
  3. It is important to configure the Busy Data Exchange Platform (BDEP) before the smartphone application.
  4. An Internet connection requires BusyApp to run in Internet mode.
  5. Always open your company on the computer system you want to see in the mobile app. Only required if you are accessing the Mobile App in Internet or LAN mode.

Best Solution to Access Busy Software on Android or iPhone Mobile

Busy on Cloud Hosting Solution is one of the best SaaS services, which enables Busy software users to keep inventory and accounting data unrestricted by time and location. Busy on Mobile solution is designed to remotely manage all types of purchases and transactions for any company. No overtime is required until the late check. This is how using busy accounting software on Android and iPhone devices makes life easier.

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Benefits of Busy on Android / iPhone Mobile Solution

Get the additional benefits of Busy on Phone solution:

  • Access Busy software from anywhere
  • Open Busy on Phone anytime 24*7
  • Use Busy on Mobile, Tablet, iPAD
  • Support BUSY Software for Mac / Windows platform
  • Get updated Busy Software Version
  • Fast and Flexible running of Busy accounting software
  • Easy-to-use on Mobile phone
  • Guaranteed Security of Busy accounting data
  • Seamlessly Scalable
  • Local Backup Facility of Busy online data
  • Local Printer Support Available

How to Get Busy Software on iPhone & Android Platform?

Just follow the below mentioned 4 step process to get Busy accounting software in iPhone and Android platform:

Step 1: Connect with the our sale team

Step 2: Take a Busy Software in Phone Free Demo

Step 3: Get a Busy Accounting Software Server as per need

Step 4: Ready to use Busy Software from any devices: Mobile, Tablet, iPad


After deep research, we found that people are always looking for busy on mobile solutions or how to use in the phone. So we gathered information in one place. After reading this article, you will get enough information about how to use the BUSY software online with devices like Mobile, Tablet, iPad.