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DBX File Locator Tool – Find Your DBX Files Within Your PC

  • Automatically Locate Outlook Express DBX Files
  • Locate DBX Files From Crashed Outlook Express
  • Saves all Listed DBX Files on Your Local Machine
  • Simple and Easy to Use Graphical Interface
  • Outlook Express Installation is necessary
  • Supports Outlook Express 6.0 and below versions
  • Compatible with Windows 10 and below versions

Key Features of FreeViewer DBX Locator

Locate Configured OE Files

Locate Configured OE Files

When Outlook Express is crashed, you would not be able to find the location of your DBX File, in that case OE DBX File Locator Software will find the location of your DBX file.

View File Attributes

View DBX Files with Attributes

The DBX Locator Tool detects all your files with attributes like File Name, Identity Name, Size, Creation & Last Accessed Date in a orderly manner.

Save Located DBX Files

Save Located DBX Files

The pro version of DBX File Locator Tool gives the functionality to save all or selected emails on your local machine in the location you have specified.

Windows OS

All Windows OS Compatible

The DBX Locator software is Windows Universal in the sense that you will be able to install it on practically all Windows Operating System such as 10, 8, 7, etc.

Easy to use GUI

Simple & User Friendly Interface

The User Interface of OE DBX File Locator utility is very simple and designed in such a way that users do not face any kind of inconvenience.

Locate Multiple .dbx Files

Locate Multiple .dbx Files

The OE DBX Locator Software is capable of detecting multiple .dbx files at one go. The utility will detect all types of DBX files like; inbox.dbx, outbox.dbx, etc.; from a configured Outlook Express profile.

DBX Locator Software – Overview

DBX Locator Specifications


The DBX File Locator Tool is preconfigured with lots of features that will help you to find all your DBX files instantly. The DBX Locator software is easy to use and does not require any technical expertise.

Some of the main features that the .dbx Locator Utility exhibits are:

  • Shows all the .dbx files of configured Outlook Express instantly.
  • Lists all the DBX files with all the associated attributes.
  • Compatible with all the Outlook Express editions.
  • Functionality to save all the located file at desired location.
  • Supports Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / XP and all the other OS.
  • Shows all DBX files like inbox.dbx, outbox.dbx, etc.

Bulk Email Transfer

Once the DBX Locator software locate the files you can either choose only the selected dbx files to be transferred or you can bulk transfer all your DBX file to a different location instantly. This way you will be able to save huge amount of time that otherwise would have been tiresome and time consuming.

  • Custom transfer dbx files, or
  • Transfer all DBX files to the preferred location
Email Transfer
Other Features of the DBX Locator
Other Features

There are many other interesting features of the DBX File Locator software that will help you to speed up the whole process.

The other interesting features of the software have been listed below:

  • Locate multiple DBX Files simultaneously that have been spread across various computer location.
  • Single Panel user interface.
  • Get all in information with their associated attributes.
  • Compatibility with all Outlook Express versions.
DBX File Locator Screenshots
DBX File Locator
Step 1: Software Initial Screen
Storage Location
Step 2: Find storage location
Close OE
Step 3: Close OE Client
Post Process
Step 4: Post Process Screen
DBX Locator Software Specifications
DBX File Locator

Size: 1.0 MB Version:1.0



System Specifications

  • Hard Disk Space: 2.5 MB of free hard disk space
Common FAQs
All the files are scattered at different location? What to Do?

If all the DBX files are randomly distributed across different location you can at the time of transfer make them converge at the same location where you want to save them.

Is Outlook Express Email Client necessary for the whole process?

Yes since the DBX Locator software will use some of the classes of the Outlook Express it is compulsory to have outlook express installed on your system.

How many files will be listed?

You don't have to worry about missing any DBX files as the DBX File Locator software is smart and will list all the available dbx files.

What is the difference between Demo and Full version of DBX Locator tool?

There is a slight difference between the tool. The Full version of DBX File Locator gives the functionality to save the .dbx files at specified location.

What Clients Say

I was not sure about the location of my Outlook Express emails. A friend suggested me the DBX File Locator Software who is using it in his organization. The DBX Locator tool is just awesome in every aspect and I have easily found my DBX files without any inconvenience.

- Uriah - Iceland

I want to migrate my Outlook Express emails to some other clients as the my OE is becoming old and outdated. The DBX File locator tool is very helpful and locates all my .dbx file instantly. I highly recommend .dbx locator software to everyone who is in search of their DBX files.

- Devin , United Kingdom

Features Full Version Trial Version
View unlimited DBX files withing your pc
Outlook Express needs to be configured
Bulk access of your DBX files
Save all the located DBX files at the preferred location.
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