DBX Finder - 1.0 FreeViewer

DBX File Finder Tool to Located DBX Files Within the Same Network or Domain

  • This easy to use utility is fast, responsive and will help you locate all your .dbx files in no time.
  • The DBX File finder is a great utility for system administrator or users who need to search and locate the DBX location spread across multiple machines.
  • The software let you easily find, select and copy it to your selected location.
  • Download now and get the free trial of the .dbx file finder and get all your DBX files back that are spread across the domain.

Key Features of FreeViewer DBX Finder

Find Network DBX File

Find Network DBX Files

Now no more worrying about the location and searching manually all the individual machine of a network as the software simplifies this process and you can do everything from your machine.

Show Attributes

DBX Emails with Attributes

Once you locate all the emails of the network you can now view all those emails easily with all their associative attributes no matter where they are situated.

Copy & Save

Copy and Save

The premium version of DBX Finder tool allows you to save all the located dbx files in the folder you preferred. This way you can manage all those emails files centrally.

Export Report

Export Report

After you make the transfer process the software generate a csv report with the file location with any properties associated. This csv report can be used for future reference purpose.

DBX Finder Software – Overview

DBX Finder Specifications


The DBX file finder comes with host of features to help you get back all your DBX files. So whether you are an IT administrator who wants to get all dbx files quickly or just the normal user who wants to get the dbx files hosted on multiple machines.

Some of the key features of the .dbx file finder are listed below:

  • Narrow down your search result with the advanced search filter and get all your dbx emails quickly and efficiently.
  • Easily get back the .dbx data to your local machine.
  • Get the whole working in CSV format which you can use for reporting or for future reference purpose.
  • Get all the .dbx files systematic way with the ability to list them based on the attributes (name, subject, received, size etc.).

Get it Back – Easily

Now you don't have to manually look or wait for hours when you don't know the DBX file location as using the DBX Finder you will be able to automate the whole process which will help you to save tons of time and using the searching function you can easily narrow down your result.

  • Find the outbox.dbx file location in windows XP or from other Operating System
  • Get all your network attached DBX files within fraction of time.
DBX File Finder

Other Features of the DBX Finder

Other Features

The DBX Finder is full future software and comes with host of different features to make the whole process a seamless task.

There are some unique features that will come handy when doing the dbx location search:

  • Get all or make selection of the dbx files that you want to download from where it is hosted to your local machine.
  • Work on Windows XP and across all Windows OS including Windows 10, 8.
  • Does not need Outlook Express to be installed on the machine.
  • Great way to find and discover the dbx files location.

DBX File Finder Screenshots

DBX Finder Tool Interface
Step 1: Software Initial State
Put Credentional
Step 2: Network Domain Credentional
Search Option
Step 3: Input Search Option
Save Searched File
Step 4: Save Searched File
DBX Finder Software Specifications
DBX File Finder Software

Size: 1.0 MB Version:1.0



System Specifications

  • Hard Disk Space: 2.5 MB of free hard disk space
Common FAQs
At the time of searching process is it required to have Outlook Express installed on the client machine?

No, there is no need whatsoever. The primary purpose of the software is help you find the DBX files that are spread network wide therefore as long as the file exists on the machine you are good to go.

What are the supportable OS?

The DBX Finder works on all major Windows OS and even if you have (or don't have) Windows XP you will be easily able to get back all your files without any issues.

What Clients Say

The finder is exceptionally great software especially if you are looking for software that gives you the ability to scan and find all the domain wide dbx files from one location.

- Hughe - Saint Lucia

Easy interface and very responsive software. Makes finding dbx files in network so effortless. The software is now became part of my core software for email management.

- Bourne , United States

Features Full Version Trial Version
View unlimited Machine across the domain
View repair and recovered DBX file
Advance Search filter for fast access
Copy and save the DBX files to local machine.
Get the detail report as CSV document.
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