One stop solution for MBOX file to EML conversion and email transfer.

  • Migrating to email clients that have eml file formats by converting MBOX emails to EML formats with the tool.
  • The application is easy to use and the conversion process is a seamless task.
  • Easily shift to email clients (with .eml database) that are more users friendly and convenient to use as compared to email clients that supports MBOX file format.

Key Features of MBOX To EML

Batch Export

Batch Export

The tool allows user to export all their mbox files in batch and the software will convert them all in eml format instantly. The batch process is totally simple with the tool.

Multi Format Conversion

Multi Format Conversion

The tool allows you to make the transfer in eml, msg, pdf, and pst format. This gives you broad array of scope to make the conversion happen in different format for different mail client.

Selective Transfer

Selective Transfer

If you won't wish to retain some folder and want only the specific files to be exported you can do that easily with the tool that give you this feature during the export of the file.


Windows Support

The software is designed to work on all windows OS system. So if you happen to own Windows XP or the newest Windows 10 the software will work on both of them equally good.

MBOX TO EML – Overview

Reason for MBOX file to EML conversion

Over the time people have realized that MBOX file format is great when we want to preserve email at mailbox level and at individual level eml format is the preferred choice. So it is wiser to convert MBOX file to EML format if you are planning to archive your mbox emails.

MBOX fails in one aspect that it fails to maintain folder structure which is a significant and important properties of email data. EML format helps to overcome this limitation.

Each individual eml message contains text and html formatting, message path, header, date/time and other crucial information all intact and preserved.

Benefits of eml format

  • The major reason for email preservation in .eml format is that eml consider each message as an individual document. This features allows separate identity for each mail and even if the someone reply back to any email it gets separately saved by their subject heading and if any two emails have same subject they gets separated out by assigning a sequential number to it.
  • Attachments are preserved and you will be able to view them exactly the same way as you used to do when it was in mbox format.
  • Even if the messages are highly formatted they get exactly re-created by most email clients based on eml formats.
  • Most of the email application can easily open eml message without needing to import it and this feature gives it a significant edge over other format that fails in this regards.
  • Sorting is also one of the primary reason why people tends to convert mbox emails to eml format as the latter is more convenient in term of sorting personal and confidential materials.

Software Features

The MBOX to EML software helps you in the conversion process by taking care of all the minor details. Every mbox format emails are transferred to eml format with all their Meta information as well as attachments if any.

  • Maintains folder structure to help you easily sort out all your emails
  • Advance naming convention
  • Supports all Windows Operating system including Windows 10, 8.1

MBOX to EML Tool Screenshots

launch tool
Step 1: Launch Software
add file
Step 2: Add MBOX File
search option
Step 3: Advance Search Option
Export Emails
Step 4: Export Selected Mail
Software Specifications
MBOX to EML Converter Software

Size: 7.8 MB Version: 2.1



Installation Uninstallation

System Specifications

  • Hard Disk Space: 10 MB of free hard disk space
Common FAQs
What prerequisite is required prior to software installation?

The software is designed to work on minimum configuration hence the software can be installed on minimum hardware configuration.

Does Microsoft Outlook is required for the conversion?

You don't need any preinstalled email client for the MBOX file to EML conversion process as the software is independent and can perform the conversion without any dependencies.

Batch Export of the MBOX File?

Yes the software is full compatible and let you perform the batch export of mbox file to eml format and you won't be having trouble for batch conversion.

What Clients Say

Nice and easy to user interface and comes with many functionality. The software simplified the process and really helped to convert my mbox emails to eml format.

- Mathews - Monaco

I guess every administrator should own this software as it really help in boosting the productivity and saves ton of time for the MBOX to EML migration process. Glad I have one.

- Curtis, United States

Benefits MBOX PRO+ MBOX Viewer
Add mbox file
Auto Scan Emails
Preview with Attachment
All Windows OS Support
Dual View Mode
Export to EML
Cost $129 FREE