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Microsoft SQL Log Analyzer to View Transactions Activities in SQL Server

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  • Analyze log files and Perform SQL Log Recovery
  • Analyze & Read Transactions Activities like Insert, Update, Delete
  • Provide an option to Auto Locate MDF Database file by Viewing SQL LDF File
  • Preview Activities like Time, Transaction, Login Name, Table Name & Query
  • Option to View SQL Database transaction using Online or Offline Scan
  • Analyze & Recover data according to various Data types
    SQL Log Analyzer Tool supports various data types like Datetime2, datetimeoffset, sql_variant, hierarchyid, geometry & geography, etc.
  • Filter & Export data tables as SQL Server Database, .sql script & CSV
  • Analyze multiple NDF Files in Online and Offline scan option
  • LDF File Viewer is Compatible with SQL Server
    The software supports SQL Server 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, 2008 R2, 2005
    & Windows Versions
    SQL Log Recovery supports Windows 10 & its below versions


SQL Server transaction log recovery tool found to be helpful utility for tracking all the transaction activities of database. You can track down the details of the user who modifies any changes to the database.

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SQL Server Transaction log analyzer has been awarded safe with 5 star ratings for its efficient performance.

SQL Log Analyzer awarded 100% Virus/Spyware/Ad free software by Softpedia.

Cnet awarded SQL Log Recovery as most efficient tool for recovering SQL database through transaction logs.

Soft32 has awarded SQL transaction log reader for forensic investigation of transaction logs.

SQL Log Analyzer has been praised with 5 star rating among various users for efficiently tracking its transaction activities.

Key Features of FreeViewer LDF File Viewer

View LDF Files

View SQL Server Log Files

The SQL LDF Viewer software allows user to analyze every activity of MS SQL Server database. It helps to view all the transaction activity like Transaction, Transaction time, Table name & Query. It also previews records with Login Name for Insert, Delete, Update, etc.

Live Database Preview

Preview Data from Live SQL Database

SQL Log Analyzer allows user to connect with the Live database to view transaction logs. It previews all the operation like insertion, deletion, updation from the live database. For this you need to provide credentials of your SQL Server to the software.

Examine LDF File

Forensic Analysis of Log File

LDF File Viewer Tool is also helpful in forensic analysis of transaction logs. SQL LDF Viewer previews all the transaction logs by Login name. Thus, you can investigate who made certain changes on that database.

SQL LDF Recovery

Perform SQL LDF Recovery

SQL Log Viewer Software scans SQL Database log File & recover it via transaction logs. You need to add Primary database file (MDF) to the tool. The SQL Log Analyzer provides you three options for exporting your recovered data.

Option to Export Log File

Different Options to Export Log File

SQL Log Viewer provides three different options to export the Log file.They are as follows:

  • SQL Server Database
  • Compatible SQL Scripts
  • CSV File Format

Date Filter

Export with Date Filter Option

SQL Log Analyzer provides you 'Date Filter' option. This enables you to export the transactions of specific date range. Also helpful in performing point in time recovery to a specific date range.

Sort LDF Items

Sorting Option for Log Elements

SQL LDF File Viewer provides you an Auto-sort option to arrange order of the database items. You can classify the components by its Transaction activities like Transaction, Transaction time, table name & query.

Save LDF Transactions

Save Transactions of Desired tables

After selecting the specific exporting option, SQL Log viewer provides you an option to select & export the transaction logs of desired tables.It allow you to check or uncheck the desired table before clicking on export.

SQL Versions

Compatible with SQL Versions

LDF File Viewer is compatible with 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, 2008 R2, 2005 versions. It is possible to load, open & recover LDF log file of SQL Server of these versions. It is easy to open LDF File, created in any SQL Server version.

Windows OS

Supports Windows OS Versions

SQL Log Analyzer is a Windows-based application. It supports all the versions of Windows OS which includes the latest version of Windows 10. LDF Viewer is compatible with both 32 and 64 Bit of Windows Operating System.

LDF Viewer Tool Screenshots

LDF File Viewer tool
Step 1: Launch SQL LDF Viewer Tool
Open SQL ldf
Step 2: Preview all the SQL Transaction activities
Analyze LDF File
Step 3: Analysis of SQL LDF Log Files
Export LDF Files
Step 4: Export SQL Server LDF Files

Watch How SQL Log Reader Works

SQL Log Analyzer-Software Specifications

SQL LDF Viewer Software

Size: 7.7 MB Version: 6.0


Software Trial Limitations

Demo Version of SQL Log Analyzer Tool provides 7 Days Free Trial to preview and analyze all the tables (50 records per table). Free Version does not provide option to export data.


Installation Uninstallation

System Specifications


Common FAQs

Does the tool capable to recover sql LDF Files ? If yes, How can I recover it by using LDF File Viewer Tool?

Yes, SQL Server Transaction log reader is capable to perform SQL LDF recovery through transaction logs. For this you need to Perform the following steps:

Step 1: Install & run SQL Log Analyzer Tool.

Step 2: Add LDF/MDF database file in Online or Offline mode.

Step 3: The file will automatically scan and preview the log files for each table.

Step 4: You can simply sort Log files in ascending or descending or by other attributes.

Step 5: Click on the Export button & choose out of three export options.

Step 6: Check the Insert, Delete, Update records and select specific date range using Date filter option.

Step 7: Click on Export button to save Log files at desired location.

What are the Advantages of using SQL Server Log Reader?

The SQL LDF Viewer software reads all the details of transaction activities which includes Transaction time, table name, query, Name of transaction etc. You can view records like Insert, Update, Delete along with Login Name.

Do SQL Log analyzer recovers deleted records in SQL Server Database?

Yes, SQL LDF file viewer is capable to recover deleted records when the database is in Simple Recovery Mode.

I want to fetch transaction details from Live Database. Does SQL Server Transaction Log Analyzer is capable to do it ?

Yes, you can fetch & view SQL Transaction log from Live Database using Online Database scan option of SQL transaction log file analyzer

Do I need SQL Server installation for analyzing the details of Transaction?

For Online scan option the SQL Server installation is required to scan and view SQL transaction logs. However if you haven't installed SQL Server on your machine then you can go with Offline scan option of SQL Log Reader software to analyze SQL database transactions.

I have sql_variant data type supported in my SQL Server. Does the SQL Log viewer tool supports this data type ?

Yes, the tool supports sql_variant data type. Not only this, SQL Log analyzer also supports other advanced datatypes too like; Datetime2, datetimeoffset, hierarchyid, geometry & geography etc.

Does the tool supports 2017 version of SQL Server?

Yes, the SQL Log Reader tool supports SQL Server version 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 and 2005.

I want to export my result in .sql script as I have to use it for further use. Does the tool provides this option?

Yes, SQL Log Analyzer provides an option to export in SQL Server Compatible script. Also the software is capable to export the result in SQL Server Database or as csv format. You ,just require SQL Server installation while exporting in SQL Server Database.

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Benefits Full Version Trial Version
Add and View SQL LDF/MDF File
Sort and Manage Log Fields
View the Selected Transaction in-depth
Read and analysis complete Log History
Export Log in SQL Server
Convert to SQL Server Script file
Convert LDF to CSV
Cost $999 Trial

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