LDF File Viewer 3.0 FREEVIEWER

Microsoft SQL Log Analyzer to view transactions and events within SQL Server.

  • Check what caused SQL database crash.
  • Try LDF Viewer for critical database decision making process.
  • Also work as SQL Forensics by helping you to connect the dots.
  • Perform rollback action based on the insight to meet your RTO
  • Supported Login Name Authentication for Insert, Update & Delete records.
  • Provided support for Datetime2, datetimeoffset, sql_variant, hierarchyid, geometry & geography data types.
  • MSSQL LDF Viewer is all you need to know everything that happened with SQL Server database
  • Supported Unicode (collation) data tables after export.
  • Provided support for Live database.
  • Supported multiple NDF files.
  • Supported SQL Server 2016 & Below Versions.

Key Features of FreeViewer LDF Viewer

SQL Log Analyzer

SQL Log Analyzer

The SQL LDF Viewer software gives you the ability to make thorough analysis of each and every activity that took place within the MS SQL Server so that you know what's going on or what's going wrong.

Load State

Load Previous State

If you have already scanned the file you do not need to reload it back again, just click on the file that you have scanned in the past and the SQL LOG Viewer software will show the ldf without scanning it back.

Forensics Tool

SQL Server Log Forensics Tool

The best part is that for forensics experts and analyst or the database administrator they can use the SQL LDF Viewer software for LDF forensic purpose without connecting with MS SQL Server.


Supports all Microsoft OS

The software is designed to run on all Windows Operating System and equally works great with their 64 and 32 bit versions. Also you can expect the tool to run smoothly on the Windows Servers as well.

LDF File Viewer — Overview

LDF File Reader characteristics

SQL Log Analyzer Tool

The SQL LDF Viewer application is great way to find, discover and will help you to bridge the gap between your question and its solution. Get all database information without missing a beat.

Core features of LDF File Reader:

  • Find information related to all commit and failed SQL log transactions.
  • See all activities performed i.e. UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT, and ADDITION
  • Supports all major version of the MS SQL Server i.e. Server 2005, 2008 and other releases.
  • Switch from Vertical to Horizontal view for convenient viewing experience.
  • View all associated attachments easily within the application.

Get Actionable Facts and Insight

View LDF File
  • Track unauthorized changes made so that you can perform immediate rollback.
  • Know when and how of all the file deletion, addition, update and insertion done on your MS SQL Server Database.
  • Easily find out any possible anomalies that might have caused errors and instantly take preventive measures against the same.
  • The SQL Server Log Reader helps you to learn what transactions have caused wrong data input which in effect help you to rectify and bring the database to correct state.

Understand all SQL Transactions and Job History

  • Open and preview complete log history and activities done within the concerned Database.
  • You will be able to see Name, queries, what transactions were done and at what time. It's a complete package for search and analysis.
  • View the standard operations done on the concerned database i.e. Insert, Delete, and Update.

LDF Viewer Tool Screenshots

LDF File Viewer tool
Step 1: Launch SQL LOG Analyzer Software
ldf log
Step 2: Preview State
view in vertical mode
Step 3: Log Analysis
SQL Log Analyzer Software
Step 4: Export Result
LDF Viewer Software Specifications
LDF File Viewer Software

Size: 6.1 MB Version: 3.0


Tool Trial Limitations

Demo Version of SQL LOG Viewer Software allows to preview all the tables but preview only 50 records per table. Free Version of SQL Log Analyzer does not provide option to export data.


System Specifications

  • Hard Disk Space: 10 MB of free hard disk space
  • MDF File is required to analyze the database
  • The SQL LDF Viewer Tool works on offline as well as Online SQL database
Common FAQs
Advantage of using SQL Server Log Reader?

The SQL LDF Viewer software gives you numerous advantages that you can use to gain MS SQL database facts and insight. Some of the ways the software will be helpful will be in areas:

  • Audit Collection
  • Data Collection
  • Job History
How do I read SQL SERVER LDF Files?

Reading Data from mssql .ldf is super easy as you only need to provide the location of LDF file and the SQL LOG Viewer software will auto detect the MDF location (if it is located on same location).

What Clients Say

As a computer investigator such tool comes very handy. I recommend it to anyone who wish to analyze their log to check for database inconsistency or when you don't have the database privilege but need to view the logs.

- James - Toronto

Hi all thanks for the SQL LOG Viewer tool. Comes very handy and do really well for the stated purpose. The DBA like us always needs such tool whenever we have to check logs files in case something does not seem right.

- Philip , United States

Benefits Full Version Trial Version
Add and View SQL LDF/MDF File
Sort and Manage Log Fields
View the Selected Transaction in-depth
Read and analysis complete Log History
Export Log in SQL Server
Convert to SQL Server Script file
Convert LDF to Excel (.csv)
Cost $999 FREE
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