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G Suite to Office 365 Migration Software

Move G Suite Data Items to Office 365 Without Data Loss

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  • Efficiently migrate from G Suite mailboxes to Office 365 account
  • Move emails, contacts, calendars, documents to O365
  • Use Date Filters to transfer specific data items efficiently
  • Provides concurrent migration of multiple mailboxes in batch
  • Delta migration is available to migrate new data without duplicacy
  • Set priority to move specific users earlier than others
  • Track live progress during G Suite to O365 migration
  • Re-Run Migration option to move skipped or failed items
  • Use Group Mapping to allow resolution of source to destination groups
  • Generate detailed and summary report of the entire migration
  • The software is available for Windows operating system

What Data Does G Suite to Office 365 Migration Software Processes?

With this tool, you can migrate different data items into O365 account.

  • Google Emails
  • Google Contacts
  • Google Calendars
  • Drive Documents (docs, sheets, etc.)

This migration tool preserves all the metadata properties of G Suite data items during migration. It also maintains the calendars and documents permissions after migrating to Office 365 account.

Users Mapping

Descriptive Features of G Suite to Office 365 Migration Software

Tool's features to effortlessly move data items

Move Data

Move Data from G Suite to Office 365

The migration software provides a facility to transfer multiple data items from G Suite mailbox to Office 365 profile. Not just emails but, the users can also migrate contacts, documents and calendars of G Suite account to the MS Office 365 account. Easily transfer complete mailbox items without any limitations like file size, file type, etc.

Apply Filters

Feature to Apply Filters

G Suite to Office 365 migration tool offers an option to migrate multiple users of G Suite domain at once. If a user wants to migrate mailbox from G Suite to O365, then, the software has a feature to transfer the particular data also. This will help the users to apply date-range filters to all items i.e. emails, contacts, calendars while migrating & exports the data of specific date range.

move data with admin account

Move Data with Admin Account

The migration tool requires admin authority to process the data items of one cloud platform to another. Once the admin accounts are connected, the software will export data of any size and number to Office 365 account. The whole procedure is safe and secure that does not compromise data even when transferring large size G Suite mailbox files to Office 365 account.

maintains folder structure

Allows to Maintain Folder Structure

This G Suite to Office 365 Migration software permits a user to move a single or multiple user accounts from Google at once. This application enables to retain the hierarchy of G Suite account in a customized way. Also, it helps the user to save each mail, contacts, and calendars in user defined fields.

preserves permissions

Preserves Source File Permissions

The software preserves the document and calendar permissions of the G Suite user accounts in Office 365 after migration. All you need to do is provide the G Suite and Office 365 accounts that needs to be processed, and the tool will automatically transfer data with permissions between them.

set priority

Set Priority Option

G Suite to O365 migration software allows the admin to select specific users for migration earlier than the other users. The selected accounts are preferred and migrated before processing the remaining G Suite accounts.

add user accounts

Multiple Options to Add User Accounts

With G Suite to Office 365 migration tool, you can add and map source and destination user accounts with two options:

  • Fetch Users: This option will automatically fetch users from the source G Suite domain.
  • Import Users: This option imports a CSV file that contains the source and destination user account. The format of the CSV file can be downloaded via the Download Template button.

migration options

Several Migration Options

The software comes with several advanced migration options such as;

  • Retry Failed Items: This feature migrate data that failed or was skipped mainly due to bad internet connection.
  • Re-Run Full Migration: This option lets you run the entire migration process again.
  • Delta Migration: With this feature, the software migrates newly arrived data without making duplicates of the already migrated data.

view options

Multiple View Options

Users can view the live status of G Suite to Office 365 migration in two separate views:

  • List View: It displays list of the user accounts in three different tabs: In Progress, Pending, and Completed in list form. The data item count of each user mailbox is also displayed.
  • Tile View: It also displays the user accounts with the same tabs but in the form of tiles where each account details are displayed in separate tiles.

progress report

Complete Progress Report

After successful migration, the software generates two different kinds of user reports:

  • Summary Report: A single report with all the information regarding G Suite to Office 365 migration for all the user accounts.
  • Detailed Report: An individual report for each user account with item count of all the data items exported for each category.

Software Specifications

Download G Suite to Office 365 Migration Software

Software Download

Size: 86.3 MB

Version: 5.5.0

MD5: 70a2764f10b7619ffc6ab32986b45f8f

Trial Limitations

Trial version of G Suite to Office 365 migration tool allows admin to migrate data from 2 user accounts only.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
500 MB for installation and 5 GB of free hard disk space to work

Min 8 GB RAM is required

Octa Core 2.2 GHz processor

Application Pre-Requisites

  • Destination User(s) should be already created at destination Admin account.
  • Make sure to Enter Service Account Client & Browse p12 Key Path of Google Cloud Platform Console Project. Know How to Create Google Console Project and Add Scope
  • Make sure to Enter correct Application ID in Office 365 as destination. Know How to Create Console Project in Office 365.

Supported Versions

Microsoft Windows
Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows Server 2012/2016


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Features Full Version Free Version
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Import User list from CSV file
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Unlimited Data Migration All Accounts Migrate 2 User Account
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Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

Can you explain the steps to migrate G Suite to Office 365?

Simple Steps for G Suite to Office 365 migration:

  • Step 1: Install and run G Suite to Office 365 migrator.
  • Step 2: Select source and destination as G Suite and Office 365 respectively.
  • Step 3: Choose Categories and apply filters, if required.
  • Step 4: Enter admin credentials and validate G Suite account.
  • Step 5: Enter admin credentials and validate Office 365 account.
  • Step 6: Import Users and click Start to migrate G Suite to Office 365.
Yes, Of course, this software provides the option to export data items such as contacts and calendars of G suite account to O365 profile efficiently.
No, the application does not impose any restrictions in terms of mailbox size.
Yes, via filters option, the users can easily download the mailbox data of a particular date range.
Yes, the G Suite to Office 365 migration software is the product of our trusted brand. Thus, it poses no risk during or after migration. It is completely safe and secure to use.
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