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E01 Image Viewer

Features of E01 Image Extractor

Overview of E01 Image Viewer

  • Open & Read Encase E01 Image File
  • Independent Tool to Examine E01 Image Files
  • Analyze Emails within E01 Image Files
  • Scan & Extract EWF (.e01) Image Files in Batch
  • Advanced E01 Image File Search Option
  • Compatible with Windows Versions 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc

View E01 Image File

View & Read E01 Files

Encase E01 Image Viewer application permits to open and read .e01 image files of any size or types. View .e01 image files multiple times and scan corrupted or damaged image data. Add and open E01 image files which containing emails with associated attachments. E01 image reader show selected data with its attributes such as file name, created date, modified date, last access date, file size (mb).

Examine E01 Files

Examine Multiple E01 Files

Encase EWF (.e01) Image Viewer tool provides an option to add the folder which has multiple E01 image files. The program will insert all the image files present in that folder. The forensic user easily views the status of the image data file being scanning or as scanned. Once the scanning completed, an investigator easily examines all the EWF files. E01 image reader maintained the file structure with attributes.

Standalone Tool

Independent E01 Viewer

Open .e01 image file without required Encase software environment and examine emails from EWF image folders. This tool supported by any Windows operating systems version such as 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, XP SP2, Server 2003, Server 2008, etc. E01 image file viewer software offers easy to use and simple graphical user interface for forensics investigator to examine Encase image files.

Steps to View E01 Image Files in E01 Image Reader

Frequently Asked Question

I am not able to open EWF image files. Can E01 Viewer help me to extract image files?

I have Encase image file of 10 GB. Can I view them using E01 image file viewer tool?

Is there any chance of corruption in image files, while extracting Encase E01 files?

Is the Encase program environment is necessary to extract E01 Image file?
Can I open E01 image file from any versions of Windows Operating System?
What Clients Say

"Well developed a program for Forensic Investigators. Easily extract E01 image file of any size or any type even corrupted. Many challenges come when to get evidence from EnCase EWF files but thanks to E01 file viewer Software."

- Brian, Canada

"Recently I faced a problem when I tried to get evidence from an EnCase EWF image files, the file can’t extract and closed automatically. I did lots of research on the web, then I found the best E01 file viewer tool. Thank You!"

- Angelina, Malaysia
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