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  • Single Account Backup for all emails: Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items
  • Backup AOL Desktop emails from mailbox stored in a PFC file
  • Easily Convert .pfc file to MBOX, PST, MSG & EML file formats
  • Migrate AOL PFC to Thunderbird, Outlook, Windows Live Mail
  • Import AOL Mail to Apple Mail by Converting PFC to MBOX file
  • Apply date-based filter to emails For selective backup of emails
  • Adjust the Internet Bandwidth to manage backup effortlessly
  • Outlook installation
    To backup and save AOL emails to Outlook PST file format, then it is required to install MS Outlook 2016/2013/2010/2007 versions.
    is required to export AOL emails to PST file
  • AOL Email Backup Tool is Compatible with all versions of AOL
    AOL Backup Tool supports emails from AOl Desktop 9.7/9.6/9.5/9/8 and all the below versions.

Main Features of AOL Email Backup Software

AOL Backup Emails

Archive Complete Mail Folders

Save AOL emails to hard drive by taking regular backups using the AOL Backup tool. Archive complete email folders like Inbox, drafts, trash and sent items. American online emails are saved on a Personal Storage file with an extension .pfc. Backup PFC file data using the tool.

Instant Messaging

Backup Instant Messaging Conversations

Store conversations from instant messaging service provided by American Online in a file. The software can easily backup the conversations that took place through the messenger or chat into your external/attached hard drive of Personal Computer or flash drive.

AOL to Outlook Provides Four File Formats

Save PFC File to Multiple File Formats

Convert .pfc file to four different formats using the AOL Email Backup Software. Mailbox data can be converted to MBOX, EML, PST and MSG file formats. This makes it easier to migrate AOL PFC to Thunderbird, MS Outlook, and Windows Live Mail. Moreover, there is not any limitation on the number of emails that can be backed up.

delete after download by AOL PFC Backup

Simply Delete Messages After Backup

Once a repository is created of all the emails stored in AOL Backup application, they can be simply deleted from the system. Delete backed up emails from the server to make room for more conversations that may take place in near future. The backup can be accessed from any computer at any time to reference back the deleted emails.

AOL Backup Tool Add Filter

Apply Filter to American Online Emails

The AOL to Outlook Converter provides an option to filter out emails by choosing the 'selective folders'. Moreover, you can just set a ‘to’ and ‘from date to sort out messages that need to be archived. This process can prevent needless archival of data and also save time for large mailboxes. Moreover, it also supports Windows 10 and all below versions.

AOL Backup Support Multiple Language

Change to a Preferred Language for UI

The software is an easy-to-use and simple, that can even be used by a non-technical person. The user interface provided by AOL to Thunderbird Converter is simple and supports multiple language preferences. Change the language preference to a different one according to choice. The default software language in English for all users.

AOL to Apple Mail Ensures Data Retention

Ensures Complete Retention of Data

Even for mailboxes that have thousands of emails saved over years, there is no data loss while backing them up with the tool. Moreover, this AOL Email backup software ensures complete data retention and integrity. The AOL to Outlook Backup tool ensures that emails, as well as corresponding attachments, are secure and private. The email data is not modified and shared with any third party.

Adjust Bandwidth by AOL PFC Backup

Manage Backup Download

This software is user-friendly and provides lots of advanced features and benefits. One such addition is the function of adjusting internet bandwidth to suit the backup needs. Adjust usage according to choice and set a percentage with the AOL to Apple Mail Exporter. Doing this allows backup to run in the background and not affecting the normal working on the system.

Customize Throttle by AOL Backup Software

Manage Backup by Customising Throttle

Set the backup to run in a particular time period of the day. This option ensures that AOL Mail backup is taken regularly. This way emails can be accessed even during corruption of email files or server downtime. AOL PFC to Thunderbird Migrator also manages backup by adjusting internet usage and time interval.

AOL to Apple Mail Saves Login Credentials
Save Login Credential for Next Time

The AOL backup software provides a feature to save mailbox login information. The username and password of AOL account can be saved for the next time a user logs in. The tool provides ways to Pause and Resume backup. Continue backup easily without signing in each time by saving login credentials.

How To Backup Emails using AOL to Outlook Converter?
Launch AOL  BAckup to Apple Mail
Step 1: Download and Install AOL Backup Software
choose particular file format
Step 2: Select Email Format like PST, EML, MSG, MBOX
AOL to Outlook offers Filter Option
Step 3: Choose Filter Option to Backup Selective Folders
start AOL PFC Backup
Step 4: Start backup process to perform AOL Backup
Software Specifications
AOL Backup Tool

Size: 15.9 MB Version: 1.0


Demo Version Limitations

Demo Version of AOL Backup Software import AOL emails to PST/MBOX/EML/MSG within limit of 100 emails and expires after 30 days.


Installation Uninstallation

System Specifications

  • Hard Disk Space: 25 MB of free hard disk space
  • MS Outlook 2016/2013/2010/2007 is necessary to Save AOL data into PST
Common FAQs

How does AOL Backup Tool works?

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Install & Run AOL Email Backup Softwares.

Step 2: Login with AOL credentials and open your email account.

Step 3: Select PST/MSG/EML/MBOX file format.

Step 4: To backup selective data, apply Date & Email Filters.

Step 5: Select the destination location & click on Start button to proceed.

Step 6: The software will show the status during the process

Step 7: At last, navigate to the saved location and access the desired file.

Will the attachments be included as part of my AOL Mail backup?

Yes, AOL to Outlook Converter also includes attachments while moving AOL emails.

Can I convert AOL PFC to Thunderbird using this tool?

Yes, of course, you can easily export AOL emails to Thunderbird without any interruption by using AOL Backup tool.

Can I import AOL mail to Apple Mail using this tool?

Yes, the AOL Email Backup Software can be used for AOL to Apple Mail migration. Moreover, users can save mailbox data in any of the four file formats i.e. PST/EML/MSG and MBOX. Use any file format to open emails.

Is this tool AOL to Outlook Migrator compatible with Mac operating system?

No, this AOL Backup Tool is only functional with Windows system. It is not compatible with Mac OS computers.

Is there a limit to the number of emails that can be backed up using this AOL to Thunderbird Converter?

No, there is no such limitations on the number of emails that can be archived using this AOL Backup tool.

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