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Frequently Asked Question

Is the PSD to GIF Converter software compatible with all version of Photoshop?

Is there any chance of corruption in GIF images, while exporting PSD to GIF image?

Is there any Photoshop files size limitation with PSD to GIF exporter application?

Can I convert PSD to GIF image multiple times?

How many files can I convert at one time by PSD to GIF Converter tool?

What Clients Say

"One of the Best PSD to GIF converter software! Rapidly migrate PSD to GIF file format without any such limitation. All Photoshop PSD files converted in original format without single changes in image quality."

- Tom, USA

"Convert PSD to GIF quickly without required Photoshop installation on a Windows OS. The PSD to GIF converter tool is such a great program to export PSD to GIF image. Thank You!"

- Rebecca, LS

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