A Program to Open PLT File

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Features of PLT File Reader

PLT Reader

Overview of PLT Viewer

  • Open & Read PLT File
  • View Plotters 2D Graphics of PLT File
  • Browse PLT File of any Size
  • Explore PLT File from any HP Plotters
  • Supports all Windows OS up to Version 10

Read PLT File

Explore & View PLT File

PLT Viewer allows to open PLT file, zoom in & out, rotate images, pan image, resize image, crop image, etc. This tool permits to create, edit and save markups that are executed on a different layer and are stored as a different file. PLT file reader provides quick and easy setting of scale factor for measurements and changing of lengths, areas and perimeters of PLT files. This application doesn’t affect drawing lines, circle, text and simple symbols of PLT files and maintain file quality without any losses.

File Management

PLT File Management

PLT Reader offers advanced file management of PLT files these are hide all text and sizes, convenient switching between files, settings for snapping to objects, measuring distances on a drawing, six orthogonal projections and four isometric views, managing layers, choosing background color, merging drawings into one file, setting the quantity of line segments when drawing circles, arcs, ellipses and splines, etc. PLT file viewer software offers basic file management like renaming, deleting, moving, copying features.

Batch Print

Batch Print & Conversion

PLT Reader offers vast capabilities with advanced printing options including batch printing and converting. This tool allows to print a single file or set of files with predefined settings and ‘Print Preview’ option contains a large number of settings which makes it different. PLT file viewer provides high-quality prints that can be made of color drawings using a black-and-white printer without grey tones. There is a large number of frames that can be placed onto the printed page. Pre-set sizes for standard formats as A4, A3, A2, A1, A0.

Steps to View PLT File in PLT File Viewer

Frequently Asked Question

How can I open and read PLT file?

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Is the HP Plotters environment is required to open PLT file?
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What Clients Say

"All-in-one solution that includes the viewer, editor, and converter, Supports the most of PLT and graphic files, Easy-to-use PLT viewer software. Good file management and file search / navigation option makes it perfect. Thank You!"

- Lewis, Scotland

"Graphics images can be cropped, copied resized and adjusted using the PLT viewer tool. View all type of files even large size, corrupted or damaged, batch print & conversion makes this tool complete. Thank You for The Software!"

- Sara, Poland

Open and Read PLT File
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