FB Password Recovery FREE VIEWER

Facebook Password Viewer Will Help To View Username & Password Easily For Anyone Using Mozilla Firefox For Browsing

  • Trying to Login FB after a long time and not sure any more about the password or username to access your profile then in such situation FreeViewer software solution gives you the ability to now view you're lost or forgotten FB password easily with the Facebook password viewer.
  • This Facebook recovery software work on the Mozilla Firefox cache to retrieve your credential and will display all Facebook account that has been accessed via Mozilla Firebox browser.

FreeViewer FB Password Recovery

Recovery Facebook Password

FB Password Recovery

The Facebook recovery tool help you to get back your password that you might lost or forgotten and you have no other way to access it.

View Facebook Password

View Facebook Password

Once you install and start the software it will try to find your software using the Mozilla Firefox cache, if it's there you will get in no time.

Complex Facebook Password Recovery

Complex Password Recovery

The main reason one loose the password is that user tend to forget password especially complex type, so if it happens to be the case you still be able to recover it.

Easy User Interface

Simple Interface

The software is simple and does not clutter user experience with unnecessary features. So your overall experience will be awesome with the software during the recovery .

FB Password Recovery Overview

FB Password Recovery Software: Features and Specification

Facebook Password Recovery

The recovery software comes with host of unique features to help you get back your FB account credential that you might have forgotten.

Some of the features of the FB password recovery tool are as follow:

  • Recover as many passwords as you wish that exists in the Mozilla Firefox browsing history
  • No matter how complex is the password, the software will give you the recovered username and password back instantly.
  • Compatible with all Window Operating System (From XP to Window 7, 8, 8.1 and 10)

Simple Application User Interface

Simple User Interface

The interface of the password recovery tool is easy to use and even the novice user will be able to get his/her password back as long as they have used the Mozilla for accessing Facebook.

Forensic Analysis Tool

Forensic Analysis Tool

The application can also be used as a forensic investigation purpose when you want access to the suspect profile credential. Using this online password recovery tool you will be able to acquire the credential of the suspect easily.

Some of the way you can use the application for forensic purpose:

  • If the suspect is not willing to reveal the password and you have the requisite permission then you can easily use FB password finder for retrieval purpose.
  • If the suspect is having more than one user account that can be easily gets decrypt using the Facebook password recovery software for Mozilla Firefox.

FB Password Recovery Screenshots

FB password recovery Software
Step 1: Launch FB password recovery Software
Double Click Software shortcut
Step 2: Double Click Software shortcut
Ongoing Password Recovery
Step 3: Ongoing Password Recovery
FB Password Recovery Complete
Step 4: Password Recovery Complete
Software Specifications
FB Password Recovery Tool

Size: 545 KB Version: 1.0



System Specifications

  • Hard Disk Space: 5 MB of free hard disk space
Common FAQs

I forgot my FB password?

If you have forgotten your FB password then simply download the application and if you have used Mozilla Firefox to access your FB account then the software will be able to recover your password in no time.

How to I reset my FB password?

The best method to reset your FB account is to follow the method mentioned by Facebook else if you want to reset the account just because you have forgotten your password then you need to first get your password back using the our Facebook Password Recovery Tool then follow the process as mentioned by the Facebook.

What is the cost of the software?

The software is free of cost both for personal as well as forensic use.

What Clients Say

I don't know that recovering FB password is so easy. I would not have believed had I not downloaded your software. Great way to recover your password. Easily run on any Windows OS including 10 & compatible with any Mozilla Firefox browser.

- George - New York

Nice and impressive, the only requirement that the software have is that you should have used Mozilla Firefox to login in FB and if use Mozilla like me then you are in treat as the software will show the FB password in real time.

-Steve - Southern California

Features Full Version
View Username easily
View Password in Plaintext
Recover Multiple Password at a time
Search and find using the KW or phrases
Support Windows OS 7, 8, 8.1 & 10
Friendly GUI
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