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Merge all your DBX files into a single file in some easiest steps

  • Combine two DBX files in one with DBX merger tool.
  • Join DBX file without changing its folders and attributes.
  • Concatenate all items of DBX file in single DBX File.
  • Show live status of joining and merging of DBX File.
  • Remove duplicate items from the DBX file.

Key Features of DBX Merger tool

Merge Multiple DBX Files

Merge Multiple DBX Files

DBX merger tool provides a facility to merge two (or more than two) DBX files into a single or common DBX file. If you have multiple DBX file in archive then Combine DBX files.

Join DBX Files

Join DBX Files(s)

Join DBX files is a way to save you all files or folders in a separate manner without combining same named folders. If two files of different DBX files are inbox1.dbx and inbox2.dbx then both files will save in the folders separately.

Exclude Duplicate Items

Exclude Duplicate Items

The tool provide the facility to remove the duplicate files. DBX merger tool removes the duplicate items after merging DBX files.

Keep Meta Data

Keep Meta Data & Attachments

DBX merger helps to save the Meta data in their original form after merging the two DBX files. Meta data of an email are like subject, Cc, Bcc, etc. You can merge all DBX files as it is with their attachments.


 viewer tool

Software Screenshots

viewer tool
Step 1: Launch Software
explore messages
Step 2: Provide DBX File
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Step 3: View Mode
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Step 4: In-Depth Search

Software Specifications

DBX Merge Software

Size: 11.7 MB Version: 2.0



Installation Uninstallation

System Specifications

  • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Window 7
  • 1 GHz Processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 10 MB of Disk Space

Common FAQs

Is there any way to merge the DBX files without using Outlook Express?

Yes, you can merge DBX files by using the DBX Merger tool.

What is the difference between Merge Option and Join Option?

In this option when we join two DBX files, it saves the files separately in the new DBX file such as inbox1.dbx and inbox2.dbx will be the two folders if we join two DBX files.
Merge Option helps you to merge two or more files into one file. It creates a common folder and save all email files into their respective folder.

Can I save the new merge DBX file according to my choice?

Yes, you can save the merged DBX file anywhere and in any folder.

What Clients Say

I always travels due to my work and I saved my email files on my desktop and Laptop both. It was difficult for me to manage both email files. I used this DBX Merger tool and I merge my files and now I can access them from anywhere.

- Kofi Assay, Utah (US)

This DBX merger tool is good to save the time and manage all data easily. I recommend this tool to everyone who want to merge their files and save their lots of time.

- Paul Outlaw, Bristol (UK)

Benefits Free Version Full Version
Add Files & Folders
Exclude duplicate Emails
Exclude Deleted Items
Support for All Windows OS including Windows 10
Join DBX Files Join First 2 Folders For All items
Merge DBX Files Merge First 15 Items For all items
Cost FREE Up Coming