An Application to Read EXIF Data

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Features of EXIF File Reader

Overview of EXIF Viewer

  • Open and Read EXIF Data & GPS
  • View Information of EXIF GPS
  • Browse EXIF File of any Size
  • Explore EXIF File from any Digital Camera
  • Supports all Windows OS up to Version 10

view exif file

View & Read EXIF Data File & GPS

EXIF viewer is an independent tool open EXIF data & GPS and easily zoom in & zoom out of images. This tool allows browsing corrupted & damaged EXIF files. This application offer Basic File Management (Renaming, Deleting, Moving, Copying) features. EXIF reader easily explore EXIF files of any size (100 MB) & any type without making single changes and also provides fast and accurate recovery of images.

open exif file

Browse EXIF Data File & GPS

EXIF reader is allowed to browse all images with including properties and attached GPS location. One be One browsing and viewing of EXIF properties & others information by this application. EXIF viewer offers advanced features for viewing images such as rotating, flipping, zooming images, scaling images, keyboard and mouse shortcuts, set-as-wallpaper function, slideshow feature, thumbnail cache, command line options.


Easy to use & Simple User Interface

EXIF viewer offers simple & easy to use graphical user interface for viewing images. View EXIF file (with image properties) one by one and highly changeable interface according to your custom preference. Read EXIF file and make changes like red-eye removal, emailing, resizing, cropping, retouching and color adjustments, etc. EXIF reader allows to view EXIF data with attached GPS location details.


Explore EXIF Data File & GPS

EXIF reader browses the EXIF images from any Digital Camera & Smart Phones. This application explores any EXIF files in original format without making a single change and maintains data format & its properties. EXIF viewer supports by any Windows Operating System version such as Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP OS.

Steps to View EXIF File in EXIF File Reader

Frequently Asked Question

I am having a problem to view EXIF file. Can EXIF file browser help me to open EXIF file?

Is there any risk associated with image files corruption while opening EXIF file format?

Is there any file size limitation with the EXIF viewer?

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What Clients Say

"Such an awesome EXIF viewer tool! Easily view and read EXIF data file with attached GPS location details. Really nicely developed software to open EXIF file."

- John, US

"What an unbelievable application! Recently my all EXIF data file get corrupted and I was unable to open them. Thanks to EXIF file viewer tool to view data files."

- Isabella, NY

Open and Read EXIF File
Supported with all Windows Versions
Support Large Size of EXIF File
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