Learn How to Unlock Access Database MDB File

MS Access is a database management system. It stores and generates its database into the MDB file format. Mainly, Access provides a utility for setting up the password to make a database protected. But often, due to the complexity of a password, users lost or forgot that. After losing the proper password. Users start searching an effective solution to unlock Access database MDB file. So, we considered this issue and come up with this flawless article. Today! We will be going to reveal the manual and automated techniques to resolve how to unlock password protected Access database MDB file. So, just go through the entire post to know more about this topic.

Efficient Way to Unlock Access Database MDB File

Many solutions are already present over the internet to resolve this issue. But, when users require the perfect one so, they start looking for the best one. Here, we have come up with an effective method named MDB Password Recovery. With the help of this software, you can easily unlock an Access database MDB file. This tool is come up with enriched functionalities. It can instantly unlock any kind of password such as lengthy, complex, tough, ANSI, UNICODE, and so on.

However, using this tool, you can also restore password of backup MDB file within a few clicks. Moreover, you can download and utilize this software with any MS Access version. Because it extensively supports all versions of Microsoft Access program. Additionally, it is compatible with all advanced and below editions of Windows Operating System.

Steps to Remove Password and Unlock Access Database MDB File

Below here, we will be going to reveal the steps to implement a procedure to decrypt a password protected MDB file. Chiefly, we have discussed all the instructions adequately. You just have to follow all the steps sequentially to execute the procedure properly. Let’s get start:

Step 1: First of all, install and run the reliable software on your Windows machine.

Step 2: Here, Browse the password protected Access database MDB file to unlock it.

Step 3: Then, click on the Copy Password option to copy the restored password.

Step 4: Ultimately, choose Open Selected Database option to open a protected MDB file.

Unlock MS Access Database MDB File Free

Here, you have to follow some simple instructions for performing the procedure to unlock an encrypted Access MDB file. Mainly, we explained the procedure step by step. Let’s have a quick look:

Step 1: Primarily, run the MS Access application on your system.

Step 2: Then, choose the locked Access database MDB file to unlock it properly.

Step 3: Subsequently, when a password dialog box will pop-up on your screen. Here, you have to input an exact password and then hit a click on OK to proceed ahead.

Step 4: Finally, the encrypted Access database MDB file will be decrypted successfully without encountering any issue.


There are some users who are still ignoring the fact, i.e., you can perform the manual technique if you an exact password. Just in case, you lost or forgotten password of protected Access database MDB file. So, you cannot implement the manual procedure.

Final Words

Most of you are eager to know, about the perfect techniques to resolve how to unlock Access database MDB file. So, just go through this complete blog. Above here, we have discussed eminent approaches to resolve this issue instantly. Mainly, we have emphasized the manual and automated method to unlock a locked Access database MDB file. But, the free solution having some limitations so, we priorly recommend an alternative resolution to do so. However, we have explained both the workarounds appropriately. You can choose any of them as per your desire.