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Troubleshoot Outlook Error 0x80040115 with Best Approaches

Do you have a 0x80040115 Outlook error? This is a very annoying error code among Outlook users. If this error occurs by users, it means that they cannot send or receive emails via Outlook. This error occurred while using Outlook Express.

The process stops at a specific point where an error notification is displayed. “Microsoft Exchange Server reported error” (0x80040115): No connection to Microsoft Exchange Server is available. You must run Outlook. Therefore, explore the reasons for this problem.

Causes Behind 0X80040115 Outlook Error

There are certain reasons behind PST data file corruption that produces 0x80040115 Outlook Error. Look at these factors that create PST contamination and avoid these situations in the future. This section will discuss various issues and other issues related to non-accessibility Outlook.

How to Get Solutions on Outlook Error 0x80040115?

Learn all the approaches described in the following sections and apply them accordingly to get the best results.

Approach 1: Automated Solution to Fix Outlook Data File Issues

The error could be a corruption of Outlook PST file. You must repair these inaccessible PST files. To do that, you need Outlook PST Repair Tool to have you. This utility helps users restore Outlook mailbox content including emails, calendars, contacts, events, magazines, etc. Equipped with high-level algorithms that provide a reliable and effective advanced solution to fix Outlook error 0x80040115.

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Approach 2: Start Microsoft Outlook in Safe Mode

With the introduction of third-party add-ons, users may find Outlook error 0x80040115. If you are using a third-party input, you will need to access Microsoft Outlook in an experimental mood to find out if the error has been solved. Do the following steps:

Step 1: First, launch the “Run” dialog box by pressing both the “Windows” and “R” keys at the same time. When the Run dialog box opens, type “Outlook/safe” and click “OK” or press “Enter”

Step 2: Next, send an email to find out if the error is still there. If the error disappears, you must “Remove the Plugin”. Then go to “File” and click on the “Options”

Step 3: Select the “Plugin” in the “Outlook Options” window. Here you need to remove all third-party add-ons from Outlook. Then click the “Restart” button to update your device and Outlook application.

Approach 3: Change Outlook Profile Settings

Approach 4: Uninstall Antivirus to Fix 0X80040115 Outlook Error

Approach 5: Use Outlook Inbox Repair Tool

You can use the Inbox Repair Tool to eliminate this problem. This is an incorporated utility provided by Microsoft to resolve PST file corruption. Follow these steps:

Inbox repair utility into this Outlook error could be set. On the other hand, it is a disadvantage to fail to resolve PST file errors. If this utility fails, you must use a third-party tool to fix the Outlook PST file error.


The above article provides a complete guide to fixing the 0x80040115 Outlook error. Read this article and use the reported solution. I hope it helps you.