Manual Solution to Solve AOL Mail Not Opening Attachments Issue

Summary: Today we will discuss why AOL Desktop Gold users unable to insert, send, or open Attachments? Get the manual solution to fix AOL mail not opening attachments.

Whether you are sending a specific image or document file as an attachment or opening one you found in your AOL Desktop Gold account, there are appropriate steps to follow.

Start AOL Desktop Gold >> Compose New Mail >> Click on Attachment or Image Icon to Add Attachments.

If you cannot send or open attachments in AOL after going through a series of steps, you need some related solutions.

Reasons Behind AOL Mail Not Opening Attachments Issue

If you want to attach a file to your account but unfortunately it cannot be attached to the file, this may be due to the following reasons:

1. Exceeding the Attachment Limit – Attaching a large file can cause problems because AOL Mail provides 25MB of space to attach the file to each client. You should check the file size and make it less than this limit.

2. Browser Error – Are you using an older version of your browser? If you are using an older version of your browser, you may have problems opening the file.

3. Incorrect Internet Connection – However, the Internet is not working properly and the user will open the attachment or attach the file.

4. File Attachment Link Does Not Work Properly – If you click the file attachment link and the button does not work, you cannot attach to the file. please confirm. Other browser checks need to be changed.

Solutions to Fix Can’t Attach or Open Attachments in AOL Mail

If you do not have a general solution that helps you send or open attachments in AOL email, try the manual solutions below.

Manual Suggestions to Solve AOL Mail Not Opening Attachments Issue

1. Disable any installed Third-party Security or Anti-virus Settings on your device as it may block the connection path.

2. Check and change the IMAP Settings. Similarly, the root cause is “AOL Cannot Open an Attachment”.

3. Pop-up blockers can create problems. So open a browser window and Disable Popup option under that setting.

4. In some cases, the Email Scan Program is running on the device, so disable it for the time being.

5. Another way is to reset your Browser Settings. For AOL Gold Program, hard refresh your software.

6. Also, check AOL Spam Settings. For more information, see AOL Spam Settings.

7. Last but not least, Clear All History, Cookies, and Footprint on your device. Storage space can also be a problem.

Manual Steps to Fix Cannot Attach Files in AOL Desktop Gold

1. If the file cannot be attached via AOL email, try using a different browser. For AOL Gold, first, Scan the Gold Desktop program

2. Then open your AOL account and go to the Settings >> General tab to make AOL Desktop as your Default Browser

3. You can also Diagnose and Repair Windows File and Folder programs to fix the problem automatically

4. Otherwise, open the Start menu, Right-click on the AOL Gold tab, and tap on the Turn Off Live Tiles option. Then connect the file again to AOL

5. If nothing seems to work, try Attaching the file to the original version of AOL.

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Summing Up

We have covered all the possible manual solutions to solve AOL Mail not opening attachments issue. Try the suggested manual steps to fix cannot attach files in the AOL desktop gold application. Also, get the best software to download all the AOL Mail emails with attachments.