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Learn How to Set up Apple Mail Spam Settings Effortlessly

Mac Mail is the most commonly used email client for Macintosh users. It is a desktop-based email client that can configure IMAP and POP3 accounts. There are often malicious entities sending unwanted emails either selling products or about winning a lottery. These are all spam messages that may clutter the Inbox and often carry with them viruses or malware. Often people find themselves looking for solutions on how to set up Apple Mail spam settings. This post has been designed for those searching for answers online. It explains all the steps necessary to adjust spam filtration in Mac Mail. Read the entire segment to find out more on this issue.

Steps to Enable Apple Mail Spam Settings

Following are some of the ways that settings in Mac Mail can be adjusted to filter out spam emails:

Setting Spam Filter on Mac Mail

Apple Mail Junk Filter Settings

The default Spam filters in Mac Mail have a list of malicious email addresses that it deems as junk. This setting when enabled forces these messages from a suspected ID directly to a Junk Mail folder. This folder contains all the emails from doubtful entities. One can simply drag an email that seems suspicious to this Junk Mail folder. It simply means that the message is not needed in the Inbox folder. The list of malicious email addresses keeps on growing every day as users keep placing IDs as Spam.

Manage Junk Mail In Apple Mail

Things to Consider While Apple Mail Spam Settings

Here are some important aspects that can be considered in ensuring a clean mailbox when clearing junk:


The online email marketing is a booming business. One can always expect a tonne of emails when subscribing to a new online website. These can be dangerous as some might carry malicious attachments. When opened can lead to a viral attack on the system. It is important to learn how to set up Apple Mail spam settings. This can control and filter out unnecessary emails and make mailbox more secure. This way one can prevent their system from any damage. This post describes all the crucial steps needed to filter out emails.