Get the Perfect Solution to Save and Print OST Emails!

Microsoft Outlook is been used extensively for both personal and business email communication. Well, most Outlook users often come up with the requirement to export Outlook emails into Portable file format. Moreover, saving OST files in portable document format is one of the best options to protect and prevent any changes to sensitive data by unauthorized use by any means. However, it could be a tedious task to sit and manually save or print OST emails. Hence, it is always suggested to rely on some risk-free and instant professional tool that will help to print or save an OST file thereby securing the data in an effective way.

Before exploring the solution, let’s follow a similar instance, which is stated by a user in a well-known forum,

“There are bulk emails from OST file, which I need to convert into PDF format. As I am working as an Advocate, there are numerous emails that I need to share with my colleagues for further investigation of the case. For security reasons, it is always wise to save or print OST emails. Moreover, I am not a tech-savvy person who can independently implement the conversion process manually. Thus, I am looking for some instant automated tool that can print or save OST files. Please suggest the best tool for my request, thanks!”

Know the Possible Reasons to Save & Print OST Emails

  • PDF format allows users to apply various security options that prevent unauthorized activity to occur in the PDF file.
  • One can easily share the PDF files with the help of USB devices to transfer the file from one computer to another system.
  • PDF files can also be interpreted as a non-changeable format wherein a third person is only allowed to view and read the text without giving any chance to modify the data.
  • This file format is platform-independent where users can smoothly open and view the file irrespective to the device like a laptop, desktop, cell phones, etc.

The Ultimate Option to Save and Print OST Emails as PDF

No doubt, the manual method poses a set of limitations in terms of exporting the OST file emails to PDF format. This includes time-consuming issues, capable to export only a limited set of OST emails to PDF, and so on. Therefore, one of the best and suggested options that can be utilized is by adopting a reliable third-party tool like OST Viewer Pro. This utility allows exporting batch OST emails to PDF format or bulk print OST emails. Along with that, all the attributes associated with the OST file such as To, Cc, Subject, etc are also exported to PDF. Additionally, one can also make use of the different naming convention patterns that is been offered by the tool. This includes Subject, Subject+Date(DD-MM-YYYY), From+Subject+Date(YYYY-MM-DD), Date(YYYY-MM-DD)+Subject, AutoIncrement and so on. Moreover, saving the resultant PDF file will these naming patterns will help users to easily identify the emails based on the defined categories.

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One of the noteworthy features is that after exporting the OST file emails into PDF, one can also swiftly print the resultant PDF file. Thus, it provides a seamless approach to printing the PDF file without facing any technical issues. Altogether, the tool renders a set of result-oriented features that not only allows to save the Outlook OST emails as PDF but also enables to print the output PDF file in no time.

It’s Time to Wind Up

Sometimes, when Outlook users want to save or print OST emails, one has to face a tough time undergoing the process manually. Hence, it is recommended to avail the most trusted tool by the users i.e., OST Viewer. Besides exporting the OST files into Adobe Acrobat PDF file format, one can also print the converted PDF file in a trouble-free way.