Want to Save and Print MBOX Files: Check Out Here!

Due to the availability of numerous email clients, most of the organizations are dependent on them for data management and communication purposes. It becomes difficult for the organizations to manage emails, contacts, notes etc. and the client- based communication process without an email client. The most commonly used email clients are Thunderbird, Entourage, Eudora etc. When it comes to file format, the MBOX file format is supported by them. Basically, MBOX file format is a mailbox which holds email in a plain text format. Moreover, the MBOX file contains the email messages as 7-bit ASCII text. One can easily view and print MBOX files with the supporting email client.

Sometimes, the user needs to save and print MBOX files due to multiple reasons without any email client dependency. Now, most of the users search for a simple and reliable way to save and print multiple MBOX files. However, they are not able to find an instant and prime way to save and print MBOX message. Thus, we are going to discuss an efficient approach to save MBOX file into portable document format without the need of any email client.

Why There Is A Need to Save and Print MBOX Files?

Nowadays, users are concerned about their data security. So, they prefer to save their data such as emails, contacts etc. into a secure and versatile file format that is PDF. It is a platform-independent file format which allows the user to open and view PDF irrespective of the device, operating system etc. Moreover, when it comes to the security factor then PDF is one of the most reliable file formats.

Considering A Real-World User Scenario:

“I am Forensic Investigator, a few days back I got a case in which I need to carve evidence from MBOX files. Moreover, I need to present the evidence in court in PDF file format. The major problem is that I am not having enough time to investigate MBOX files in a proper way and convert them into PDF. format. Thus, I need a solution to analyze, save and print MBOX files. Please suggest me an all-rounder software using which I can perform all my tasks.”

Leave All Your Worries On Professional Tool!

The user can make use of a user-friendly and trustworthy MBOX to PDF Converter utility to investigate, save and print MBOX files in a hassle-free way. The software permits the user to perform the in-depth analysis of MBOX files with the help of multiple preview modes. Moreover, the user can easily save MBOX emails as portable format. After the conversion, the user can easily print PDF file. The software is designed with robust features which makes it an all-rounder utility for all the users.

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Steps to Save and Print MBOX File

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Step 1. Download and start the converter tool.

Step 2. Click On Add File option

Step 3. See the multiple preview modes: Normal, Hex, Message Header, etc.

Step 4. You have to upgrade to PDF for Export, Search and Print options.

Advanced Features of Conversion Tool

  • Convert and Print MBOX Files
    The software is capable to convert and print mailbox message into PDF format along with attachments. Moreover, the user can save all the mailbox files into PDF all at once using the batch conversion.
  • Different Naming Styles to Save MBOX Files
    While saving file format, one can select an appropriate naming style to save the PDF file as per choice. The software provides multiple naming convention patterns such as Subject, From+Subject+Date(YYYY-MM-DD), Date(YYYY-MM-DD)+Subject, AutoIncrement etc.
  • Save Output PDF At Desired Location
    Sometimes, the user needs to save resultant PDF files at a specific location on the system. Thus, the software permits the user to select any convenient location to save the PDF files.


When it comes to saving and printing MBOX as portable file format then its a challenging task for every user. Thus, we have discussed a brilliant yet robust approach to analyze, save and print MBOX files without any data loss and security issues. The user can make use of tool to investigate, save and print MBOX message without any email client dependency.