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Learn the Best Approach to View Outlook PST Files in Multiple Preview Modes

No doubt, MS Outlook holds a significant place in the world of different email applications. When it comes to its features, it offers a bunch of advanced features that let users to easily manage emails in different perspectives. However, when there arises a need to view the Outlook email headers for forensic analysis purpose or in the case of some investigation purpose. Then, one must undergo a complete in-depth analysis of the email headers. In order to perform the deep examination of the email headers, here comes the blog for you where we will let users understand with the best solution to view email headers of Outlook PST file in an effective way.

So folks, what are you waiting for? Read out the blog and analyze your Outlook email headers in a just few simple mouse clicks!

Let’s read out the below-described user-scenario to understand the circumstance broadly,

“For an ongoing investigation, I need to examine the email headers quickly. Basically, I need to check the timestamps and integrity of the email message for further analysis of the case. As this will allow us to trace if any manipulations are made to the email headers of the sender’s and the receiver’s emails. Is there some instant way out to view the email headers in a detailed manner?”

As we read and understand the above scenario, it will make us realize how important email headers are and moreover it plays a major role in the field of forensic examination. A user can perform the manual method to view the email header, provided if he/she has installed Outlook application on the system. On the contrary, if the users want to read and analyze the email headers without installing Outlook application, then is it possible to view the emails without installing the supported email application.

Here Comes the Major Twist!

What If a User Wants to View the Email Headers Without Installing MS Outlook?

Although the manual method allows viewing the email headers in an effective way. However, in the case of investigating the email headers without configuring Outlook application, then it is always the smart option to rely on PST Viewer tool, which is an ultimate solution to all viewing problems. With the help of this tool, one can view the PST email headers by availing different preview modes such as Normal Mail View, Hex View, Properties View, Message Header View, HTML View, MIME View and so on.

Let’s Dig in Deeper With Different Preview Modes Offered By the Tool

With all these different preview modes, one can make the best use of this tool especially for the purpose of forensic email analysis. Furthermore, all the preview modes help users to get detailed information of the email headers to wisely investigate the email message.

Finally, it is possible to view the email headers without Outlook application!

Let’s Sum Up

Sometimes, there comes a requirement to view the email headers deeply without installing the supported email applications. Similar such circumstance occurs with an Outlook user to view and analyze the email headers without configuring MS Outlook application. Under such state, it is wise to use PST Viewer tool, which let users to avail 7+ preview modes to examine the email headers in a hassle-free way.