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How to Fix OST Synchronization Problem & Corruption Issues in Outlook?

Since so long, Microsoft Outlook has been recognized as a famous and reliable email client. Even till now, whenever users have to opt for an email application, Outlook comes first that strikes in every user’s mind. One of the most attractive features that differentiate it from other desktop applications is available to work with offline mode. It provides the facility to work in offline mode or server breakdown occurs and saves each data items in OST file type. However, most of the times the users have faced corruption and synchronization problems with Offline OST file. In the following segment, we are going to discuss multiple ways how to fix OST synchronization problem & corruption issues in Outlook and much more details.

What is OST Synchronization Problem?

The main significance of Outlook OST file is that whenever users have faced any trouble in accessing a server or network connectivity issue, MS Outlook allows them to perform in such situations. In fact, it can be saved the entire data in offline OST file, which becomes synchronized with Exchange Server automatically at once the network connection is re-established. Therefore, the users get the data in a synchronized way but did not make any special efforts.

Moreover, in multiple cases, OST file failed to sync with the servers and does not make changes that have been done in the offline mode. This creates a major issue for Outlook users as OST synchronization is the factor that can be relied on during the failure.

Outlook User Scenarios

As consider the following issues faced by Outlook users due to the effect of lack of synchronization between OST file and Exchange Server:

All the above Outlook issues occurred due to the fact that Outlook OST file failed to get synchronized with Exchange server, which creates multiple negative situations.

Ways to Resolve OST Synchronization Problem

OST file plays a significant role for every Outlook users, so not even one person can afford to lost synchronization with the server in any case. The users able to fix synchronization errors in Outlook discussed in the following section:

Method 1: Enable the Cached mode

In case, if the users have to disable the cached Exchange mode for the offline account then, the resultant in the synchronization failure. Thus, to do the following steps to make sure that the cached mode is enabled:

Method 2: Synchronize Outlook.ost With Exchange Server

The users able to choose a particular OST file for synchronizing manually using the following actions:

Method 3: Automatically to Sync OST File

Make sure to enable the automatic synchronization for every folder in the following steps:


While accessing the Outlook data, users have faced synchronization and corruption issue due to the server downtime, network connectivity in Outlook offline folder. In the above segment, considering the most common query How to fix OST synchronization problem in Outlook. Moreover, we have covered every possible way to resolve the synchronization and corruption error in Outlook.