How to Move Domain From One Office 365 Tenant to Another? Tips

Admin | June 2nd, 2020 | Office 365

Picture yourself in this scenario: “You are having two different domains under one Microsoft Office portal that includes users, emails, and the Office license is assigned to both domains. Now, you are going to split these two domains into their own separate office portals. Hence, you have been created another office portal and you need to transfer one of the domains into it. In order to add the domain in a new account, you have to remove it from the other account. This means while executing this transfer, there will be downtime when no one can access emails. So, now the main issue is how to move domain from one Office 365 tenant to another in a better way?”

Move Domain From One Office 365 Tenant to Another

Office 365 tenant to tenant migration is an operation where you migrate users and other data from one O365 subscription to another. Today, it becomes so common procedure as organizations are adopting more and more Office 365 services other than just emailing. Due to this, the migration procedure is becoming more complex. If you are stuck in the same condition and searching for a simple way to migrate existing domains between two Office 365 tenants then, do not be panic now. This technical guide comprises a simple and easy solution for the same. However, before directly proceeding to the solution section, let us understand the reasons that occur the need for such migration.

Common Factors That Leads to Move Domain Between Office 365 Tenants

Why do users migrate the same domain between Office 365 tenants, when the new environment has the same features and functionality as the source environment? Well, the answer is quite simple: business requirements. Common scenarios include:

  • Mergers and acquisitions of two or more organizations
  • Corporate partnerships, alliances, and joint ventures
  • Divestitures: company’s separate entity, needs own tenant
  • Complying with the data self-determination regulations
  • For reducing the risk of corporate disputes of interest
  • Separation of works between systems administrators
  • Change of organization’s Office 365 data centers

Technique to Move Domain From One Office 365 Tenant to Another

Office 365 Express Migration Tool is the best solution to move a domain among different Office 365 tenants. It can migrate all data items from one O365 tenant to another Office 365 account quickly and seamlessly. The software supports to export multiple user mailboxes and provides recurrence for both Calendars as well as Tasks. In order to reduce the unnecessary data migration time, the tool provides a date filter option. Using this feature, one can export emails, tasks, and calendars between “From” to “To” date range just by setting up the filters accordingly. Apart from this, the software allows to transfer emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks, However, if users need to export only selective data items then, they can check / uncheck the items accordingly from the software pane. It has an Impersonation option to convert bulk mailboxes using the Admin Account. It preserves the complete folder hierarchy throughout the process. The software is compatible with Windows 10 and all below versions.

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Observational Verdict

How to move domain from one Office 365 tenant to another now becomes a common internet search. It is so because this is not an easy migration task as a domain can be attached to a single Office 365 tenant at a time. Hence, detaching the domain from a tenant is so complex and lengthy procedure. Also, during the domain detaching process, one cannot reattach it to another tenant. Therefore, this article comprises an ultimate solution to resolve this issue. The third-party tool recommended above is completely secure to download and run.