Resolved: “Microsoft Database Daemon Cannot be Opened Because of a Problem” Error

“I am using Outlook 2011 on my Mac machine for both business and personal usage. Recently, while working, it stopped all of a sudden. I’ve tried multiple options to get it fixed, however, everything went in vain. After that, I restarted the computer and tried to open Outlook, in which a message was prompted saying “Microsoft Database Daemon cannot be opened because of a problem. Please suggest some solution to tackle this MS Mac Database daemon error.”

Introduced by Microsoft, Outlook for Mac application is available in different versions, which includes Outlook 2019, 2015/2016 and 2011. Outlook for Mac email client is used across both small-scale and large-scale organizations, which stores complete mailbox items in OLM file format. An OLM file consists of entire information such as emails, contacts, tasks, notes, journals, etc.

However, this OLM file is vulnerable to get corrupt due to virus attack, hacking, hard disk failure, abrupt system breakdown, etc. A Mac Outlook user may have to face a nightmare situation when such instances get occurred. This blog will help you know the best solution to overcome such circumstances in the best possible way.

What are the Common OLM File Error Messages?

  • An Unknown Outlook error has occurred. Error code- 17199
  • Cannot find [PATH]\OLM.DLL
  • This application failed to start as OLM.DLL file was not found. Re-install the application to fix the problem

There is always a chance of OLM file corruption due to various reasons due to change in Mac account settings, synchronization issues with the server, bad network quality, server crash and much more. Due to all these reasons, it fails to open Mac Outlook and might show the error message as “Microsoft Database daemon cannot be opened because of a problem.”

What is Outlook Database Daemon Error?

It is a networking program, which works in the background when all the MS Office applications are not running. At the time of corruption in the database, a user may not be able to access the mailbox items from the OLM file. When Outlook stops running due to this immediate crash, the following error message will be prompted”

“Microsoft Database daemon cannot be opened because of a problem.”

As a result, there is a high probability of data loss or corruption in the OLM with this error. Therefore, it is important to preserve the crucial information stored in the OLM file to prevent data loss in such instances.

So, What are the Manual Ways to Fix “Mac Outlook Database Daemon Error”?

Way #1: Make use of inbuilt disk utility tool to fix errors associated with the Mac Outlook. If the problem still persists, go for the next option.

Way #2: Create a new user account. If the errors still exist, then there might be some problem in the user preferences.

Way #3: Create Outlook identity via database utility, which will help to sort “Microsoft Database daemon cannot be opened because of a problem” error message.

Way #4: Update Outlook for Mac which might help to an extent to resolve this issue.

Way #5: If the database is been restored from the backup, it might help to fix this error message.

Professional Approach to Resolve “MS Database Daemon Cannot be Opened Because of a Problem”

Even after trying all the above-mentioned methods, if the issue persists. Then, do not worry! Make the best use of OLM Split tool. With the help of this utility, users can efficiently create a backup of large OLM files into smaller file sizes, which can be used for further usage. The oversized OLM file can be divided into different split options i.e., by using size, date, email ID and folder options. The tool can split OLM file of more than 20 GB file size into multiple small parts.

Dividing the OLM file into small files will help to create a backup of the OLM files. In case if such “MS Database Daemon cannot be opened because of a problem” error message prompts, users need not have to worry. If the OLM data is been already archived into manageable file parts using the tool, which can be easily accessed without facing any hindrances.

Time to Conclude

This blog has elaborated the possible solutions associated with “Microsoft Database daemon cannot be opened because of a problem” issue. One can use all the manual methods stated above. Also, with Mac OLM splitter is best suggested to archive large OLM files by creating backup OLM files by size, date, email ID and folder options.