Workaround to Rectify Lotus Notes Error 0x1A5

Leslie Simmons: “I used to work on Lotus Notes. I prefer this email client because this offers many amazing features. But, the problem is every time I open it, it shows the error messages. The message which gets displayed on the screen is Lotus Notes Error 0x1A5. I am unable to understand what is the issue. Is this any hardware problem or a software problem. Even I searched about it on the internet but, cannot arrive at any useful result. It would be great if you can offer any relevant solution. Please help!!”

Does the query seem familiar to you? Are you also annoyed with the same error message coming up on your screen? Do not worry. The issue can be resolved easily. You only need to keep the focus on the content and you will be able to figure out the solution.

Lotus Notes is a desktop-based email client. The server associated with Lotus Notes is Domino Server. Technically, Lotus Notes is called MTA where MTA stands for Mail Transfer Agent. MTA allows the user to send and receive emails, manage personal data and work offline. Lotus Notes offers many distinct and amazing features. This email client stores the data in NSF file. If due to any reason, the file gets corrupted, the email client displays the error message. One such message is Lotus Notes Error 0x1A5. All the possible reasons and solutions are explained in the post.

Possible Reasons for Lotus Notes Error 0x1A5

The reason due to which Error 0x1A5 arises in Lotus Notes can be a hardware issue or a software problem. But, the three most important reasons due to which this error occurs are:

  • When the “Directory=” and the parameter is Missing or Absent from Notes.ini File
  • When any user uses the Software for Database Maintenance like Compact, Udpdall or Fixup on the separate server
  • Corruption in the NSF File

A Quick Glance at Notes.ini File

For proper functioning of IBM Notes and Domino Server, this file plays a very important role. If the user sets any wrong password in Notes.ini file, then the Lotus Notes and Domino Server will not work in the proper manner. Notes.ini should be amended only when required or if Lotus Notes support services recommend doing so. If the modification is made in the place where it is not needed, Domino or Lotus Notes may behave abnormally. To solve the issue, consider the following methods.

Workaround to Resolve Lotus Notes Error 0x1A5

To rectify the IBM Notes: Error 0x1A5, there are two best possible workarounds to resolve the error.


This technique is best suited when the parameter after “Directory=” is missing from notes.ini file. The solution to eliminating this error is set the location of data directory on the Domino Server. To do this, a user needs to follow the below-stated steps:

  1. Open Notes.ini File using Notepad or Wordpad as platforms
  2. Next Step is to Add the “Directory=”, for example, Directory= C:\Lotus\Domino\Data under “NotesProgram=”
  3. Save and Exit Notes.ini File and Start Domino Server.


This technique offers solution for the situation when the error occurs while starting the Domino Server. This can be rectified with the help of following mentioned steps:

  1. Navigate to any of the Partitioned Directories of the Domino Server. For example, consider the following example: C:\Lotus\Domino\Data2
  2. Now, Execute the following line: nfixup.exe names.nsf-F

The above mentioned 2 manual methods will help to rectify the error: 0x1A5.


Oftentimes, it happens that when a user tries to open the Domino Server or run some commands like Fixup, Udpdall or Compact, an error message stating Lotus Notes Error 0x1A5 prompts on the screen. There are 2 workarounds depending on the cause of the error. Both the techniques are discussed in detail.