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Know the Smart Method to Import Outlook Mail to Thunderbird

Outlook and Thunderbird both are the popular email service provider. Users are often seen switching between these platforms depending on their needs. This data transfer usually takes place when users stop using MS Outlook email and start using Mozilla Thunderbird. To start with, we will see the causes of this data migration. Then we will move on to discuss different ways that the readers can implement for Microsoft Outlook to Thunderbird Migration. Therefore, in this post, we will disclose the cost-effective solution to transfer Outlook mail to Thunderbird.

Why Users Want to Import Outlook Mail to Thunderbird?

Here are some of the basic reasons behind people’s need to move Outlook mail to Thunderbird in a precise way.

How to Import Outlook Mail to Thunderbird Using Manual Way?

Users can take the help of either the traditional method or the contemporary method for transferring Outlook data. First, have a look at the steps of the manual technique.

Traditional Method to Transfer Outlook Emails to Thunderbird

This method can be used when users have to transfer data between Outlook and Thunderbird located on the same system.

Is There A Better Option Available To Import Outlook Mail to Thunderbird?

As you can see, this aforesaid technique is only feasible in case if both the emails accounts are located in the same system. If Outlook and Thunderbird email programs are situated on two different systems, then this method will not work. Moreover, this is a time taking process wherein users need to dedicate a sufficient amount of time. Thus, users these days are looking for some smart yet trustworthy automated tool like Outlook to MBOX Converter

Steps to Import Outlook Mail to Thunderbird Using a Modern Method

Following these simple steps, users can transfer their Outlook emails into Thunderbird.

1. Launch the software. Before that, it will check if the system has all the application prerequisites. Click OK on that dialog box

2. The program will start and users need to click on Open button

3. To choose the PST file, click on Browse located beside Select PST File Path option to import PST to Thunderbird

4. Select the Outlook PST file and click on Open

5. The application will add the PST file. Now, click on the Browse button beside Select Destination Path and select the location where you wish to save the MBOX file

6. To retain the folder hierarchy of Outlook PST file, select Yes radio button under Maintain Folder Hierarchy option. Else, select No

7. Click on Export button

8. Outlook PST to Thunderbird MBOX conversion will start. The progress of the conversion process can be tracked, thanks to the live report of the tool

9. When PST to MBOX export is done, users will be notified for the same as displayed in the following image

10. Open the chosen path to locate the MBOX file. In that folder, the MBOX file can be found. Users can import that file to any Thunderbird profile.

Outlook PST to MBOX Converter: The Ideal Choice for Outlook Data Conversion

This tool comprises of some unique features that make it the ultimate choice for the users:

Concluding Words

If you are looking for the way to import Outlook Mail to Thunderbird, then this post states the perfect solution for the same. Here, we have discussed two different approaches i.e., the manual and professional technique. Considering all the benefits of Outlook to MBOX Converter, the modern technique of using the software can be labeled as the most suitable one. This tool is a sure-shot approach to move Outlook mail to Thunderbird in all respects.