Incredible Ways to Import NK2 File to Gmail / Google Apps

The NK2 file extension that is associated with the Outlook user profile and comes under the miscellaneous files category. It is used to represent the AutoComplete file for Outlook 2002 and all above versions. This file allows users to create a nickname and provide a name to the email address. NK2 file also saves the names of the people that you have sent the emails. Due to its outstanding features, sometimes, users need to import NK2 file to Gmail or Google Apps. But, there is no any direct manual solution available to complete this task. Hence, in this blog, we are going to explain to you the best possible solution to migrate the NK2 file to Gmail with the help of a professional solution.

How to Import NK2 file to Gmail Account?

In order to migrate the NK2 file to G Suite, you need to perform these two-step procedure.

  1. Convert NK2 File to PST Format
  2. Import PST file to Gmail Account

Step 1: Convert NK2 File to PST Format

Microsoft Outlook cached contacts are stored in the NK2 file format. So, you can take help from Outlook Cached Contacts Recovery Software to save the NK2 file to PST format. This utility has the ability to arrange the contacts of the NK2 file in an alphabetical order. It can also recover the corrupted NK2 files and save them in PST format. However, there is no any NK2 file size limitation imposed by this tool to recovery. To use this software, it is necessary to have any version of MS Outlook like 2013 and all other below versions. Perform the below-given steps to convert the NK2 file to PST:

  1. First of all, download, install and run the Outlook Cached Contacts Recovery tool
  2. Then, load the Outlook and discover the cached contact or NK2 file automatically
  3. Now, you can view all the contacts from NK2 file that you have added to the tool
  4. Finally, save all the cached contacts or NK2 files in PST file format.

Step 2: Import PST file to Gmail Account

After performing the previous step, now you need to import this PST file to Google Apps account. For this, using Outlook to G Suite Migration Tool is the best solution. Because it provides various ingenious features that help users to perform the error-free and simple migration. This utility renders option to selective conversion, maintain folder hierarchy, exclude unwanted folders, pause and resume button, date based filter and attachments filter etc.

Now, let’s have a look on how this tool imports the PST file to Gmail account:

  1. At first, install and run the Outlook to G Suite Migration software
  2. Then, click on the Add File or Add Folder button to add PST files and click on the Next button
  3. Now, enter the credentials of Gmail account for each PST file & click on the Login button
  4. Next, select the Contacts from Categories to export and click on the checkbox next to Apply customized filters if required
  5. Here, you can set the date filter option, exclude duplicate contacts, maintain folder hierarchy and also exclude the folders like Sent Items, Deleted Items, Junk Email, etc
  6. Now, click on the Export button to import NK2 file to Gmail / G Suite account
  7. During the migration, the tool provides Pause and Resume options. By using these options, a user can easily perform the migration process with any uncertainties
  8. In the next step, you can preview the status of the conversion process within the Export window wizard
  9. Once the PST to Gmail migration process gets completed, a pop-up message occurs that shows the Export process completed successfully
  10. If you want to save this report, then click on the Save Report button to save the report in CSV file format
  11. Finally, the PST files are successfully imported to the Gmail account.

Summing Up

During the Outlook NK2 file to G Suite migration, people face the problem as there is no such manual method available to import NK2 file to Gmail or G Suite. Hence, in this post, we have discussed the conversion process through the reliable third-party tools. For this purpose, first, users need to convert NK2 file into PST format by using Outlook Cached Contacts Recovery tool, then import PST files to Gmail by using Outlook to G Suite Migration tool.