Top 3 Workarounds to Import CSV Contacts to iCloud Account

In this arena, the address book does not only contain the phone number but also, it includes the name of person, address, email address, company description, fax number, and so on. Besides this, CSV file is used to save all the contact information in the table structured format. The CSV (Comma Separated Values) files can be edited or created in MS Excel and can be identified by various contact management. But still, this contacts file is not compatible with iCloud. Thus, it becomes quite difficult for users to import CSV contacts to iCloud account. Hence, in this post, we are going to discuss the solution to resolve the issue.

How to Import CSV Contacts to iCloud Account?

There are various solutions available that can migrate CSV contacts file to iCloud. In this section, we are going to discuss the top 3 methods to accomplish this migration task. Go through these measures to perform data migration simply. Let us have a look:

Technique #1: Move CSV File to iCloud Using Gmail

In order to import the CSV file to iCloud with the help of a Gmail account, you need to perform the two-step procedure that is given below:

Step 1: Transfer CSV File into vCard (VCF)

  1. At first, log in to your Gmail account
  2. Then, go to the upper right corner of the screen & choose Google Apps icon then select the Contacts option
  3. Now, from the Contacts window, select More button and choose Import option from the menu
  4. After that, an Import Contacts wizard will appear in front of you, click on the Choose File button to select the CSV contacts file
  5. Once the CSV file is selected, click on the Import button. It transfers all contacts successfully
  6. In this step, go to the Gmail account, click on Contacts >> More >> Export button
  7. Now, from the Export Contacts wizard, choose All Contacts from ‘Which contacts do you want to export?’ section & select vCard format as the export file type
  8. Finally, click on the Export button & the contacts.vcf file starts downloading on the desktop.

Step 2: Import Contacts from VCF file to iCloud

  1. To start the procedure, log in to the iCloud by using its valid credentials
  2. Then, click on the Contacts icon to transfer the address book from CSV to iCloud
  3. In new window screen, navigate to the down-left preview panel and click on the Settings tab. After that, you need to choose Import vCard option for importing CSV contacts into iCloud
  4. Now, browse the VCF file from your system and click on the Open button to Import CSV contacts to iCloud account
  5. Finally, all contacts will be uploaded to your iCloud and you can easily access them from anywhere at any time.

Technique #2: Import CSV File to iCloud via Run Command

  1. To Import CSV Address Book to iCloud, click on the Windows + R key together or simply click on the Start button and search for Run. Next, press Enter key
  2. From the Contacts window, select the Import option
  3. Now, you need to browse the location of CSV file and select that file. After that, click on the Next button
  4. Map the required or appropriate field and click on the Finish button
  5. After that, select the Export as vCard (folder of .vcf data Files) & hit on the Export button
  6. Finally, you can simply import this VCF file to iCloud account without any hassle.

Technique #3: An Ultimate Way to Move CSV Contacts to iCloud

If the above discussed manual solutions do not work for you, then you should try an alternative solution like FreeViewer Excel to vCard Converter Tool. However, when users try to open the CSV file, it will open in .xls file format automatically. Hence, with the help of this utility, users can easily migrate all Excel contacts to vCard format in batch without facing any data loss. It offers a simple user interface that can be used by even a novice user without taking any external help. In addition, the tool is also compatible to work with Windows 10 and all its below versions.

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Wrapping Up

CSV contacts play a vital role in user’s life. Sometimes, they need to import CSV contacts to iCloud account. For this purpose, here we have described the top three techniques by which users can easily solve their problems. However, manual methods have a long and complex procedure. So, it is recommended to use Excel to vCard Converter tool for simple, fast, and error-free migration.