How to Import Contacts from Excel to Thunderbird Address Book

When we talk about an efficient desktop-based email client, Mozilla Thunderbird comes to mind first. It offers numerous functions and a simple user interface. Thunderbird is useful for signing up multiple email accounts in one place. In some situations, the user needs to import contacts from Excel to Thunderbird Address book. The problem, however, is that Thunderbird does not support Excel .xls or .xlsx file formats. How is it now possible to transfer an Excel spreadsheet to Thunderbird? In this blog, we will give the user a precise answer to import Excel contacts to Thunderbird without any problems. So, keep reading.

Thunderbird is a free, open-source application that allows users to store and access data locally on the system. On the other hand, an Excel file is used to save large amounts of data with the extension .xls or .xlsx. In order to transfer Excel file contacts to Thunderbird, we have to use some indirect methods. The following section tells you how to do this task.

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Method to Import Contacts from Excel to Thunderbird

There is a two-step method that allows users to export Excel XLS XLSX files to Thunderbird.

  1. First, user need to convert Excel to vCard
  2. Then, Import vCard file in Thunderbird

The vCard is also known as VCF which is a standard file format for an electronic business card. It contains a mobile number, email id, images, address, URL, logos, and much more information. The vCard files are used to export and import contacts in Android Phone, iPhone, Outlook, Thunderbird, iCloud, Gmail, and many other devices, email clients, email services, etc.

So, let’s start with the step by step process to import Excel contacts to Thunderbird.

Step 1: Convert Excel Contacts to vCard File Format

  • Download Excel to vCard Converter, install and run it on the system.
  • Click on the Browse button to select an Excel contacts file.
  • Now, the software will display a preview of all contacts stored in the Excel file.
  • In the Mapping Columns section, First, select Excel Fields
  • Then select vCard fields. After mapping click on the Add button.
  • In the Export section, select the required options and also select vCard version 2.1, 3.0, or 4.0
  • Finally, click on the Convert button and the software immediately starts converting Excel contacts to vCard file format.

Now, you have a vCard file which helps you to import contacts from Excel to Thunderbird application.

Step 2: Import vCard File to Thunderbird

  • Open Thunderbird application and click on Address Book
  • Now, click on Tools and select the Import option.
  • The Import wizard will open, here, in the select the type of material to import option, select Address Book and click Next.
  • Select the vCard file (.vcf) option to import and then select the vCard file which converted in step 1.
  • Click on the Open button and then click OK to import Excel contacts to Thunderbird.

This is the two steps solution that the user can perform to transfer contacts from Excel to Thunderbird address book.

User Query: How to Import Contacts from Excel to Thunderbird Address Book

I am new to Thunderbird and have successfully set it up and tested it. Now I want to import contacts stored in an Excel spreadsheet into the Thunderbird address book. It seems I have to do this by creating .vcf files. I did that and transferred it to the new computer. That is where I get stuck. The list is very long and I want to import my contacts into my Thunderbird contact list on Windows 10. Can someone point me to a solution?

I have some contacts in an Excel spreadsheet that I want to import into the Thunderbird address book. How can I add it to my Thunderbird address book? I do not want to import articles individually. Can I somehow import Excel contacts into Thunderbird at once? Thanks for your help.

Final Verdict

In the blog above, we presented the best possible solution to import contacts from Excel to Thunderbird address book. There is no direct solution to this. Therefore, first, you need to convert Excel contacts to vCard file format and we recommend the professional solution to do so. After you need to import the vCard contact file into Thunderbird.