How to Import all BellSouth Email to Gmail Account?

BellSouth Mail is an email application that is acquired by the AT&T in 2006. When the popularity of bellsouth.net is declining, users who are using BellSouth email clients, wanted to migrate into other email clients especially to Gmail. But, there are no any manual processes available that can directly transfer the BellSouth data to Gmail. Lack of manual methods may affect users badly. In order to overcome all such issue, we have come up with an appropriate solution to import all BellSouth Email to Gmail account. Before going towards the solution, let’s discuss the need of BellSouth Email to Google Mail migration process.

Why Do People Want to Import BellSouth Email to Gmail?

In recent times, Gmail is widely used email client due to its outstanding features. It provides huge storage for saving mailboxes that attract users from all over the world. Most of the users whether they are using a desktop-based email client or web-based email clients, are switching to Gmail account. In this situation, BellSouth users are no exceptions. In addition to this, BellSouth users also need to transfer their emails to Gmail for synchronization purpose.

How to Forward all BellSouth Email to Gmail Account?

It is not possible to directly transfer the data from AT&T BellSouth emails to Gmail account manually. But, it could be possible with the help of two brilliant methods. So, the entire BellSouth Email to Gmail migration process will be completed in two steps.

Step 1: Save BellSouth Data into Local PST Format

You can download BellSouth Mail data items into PST format with the help of Yahoo Email Backup tool. Let’s have a look at the migration process:

  1. Download and launch the Yahoo Email Backup tool on your system and select the language on which you want to operate the software.
  2. Then, enter the valid credentials i.e. username and password of your BellSouth email account and click on the Login button.
  3. After that, go to the export file type option and choose the PST file format. Select destination location by clicking on the Browse button.
  4. Now, you can select the Delete after Download option, if you want to the delete the BellSouth data after completion of migration. You can also click on the Apply Filter option for selective data transfer.
  5. In this step, click on the Start button to begin the migration process. You can also pause and resume the process in between if required.
  6. Finally, you will get a popup message that will show BellSouth emails is migrated into PST format.

Step 2: Import PST file to Gmail Account

Now, your task is to import the Microsoft Outlook PST file to Gmail account. It can be done easily with the help of Outlook to G Suite Migrator tool. This software transfer the PST file from your system to G Suite or Gmail account. For this purpose, it is necessary to enter all the valid credentials of Gmail accounts for the smooth migration of BellSouth data items. In addition, this software is simple, user-friendly and easy to understand that takes only a few steps to import PST file into Gmail. It will be useful when users need to export multiple PST files in a batch.

Concluding Words

BellSouth users often find themselves in a critical situation due to the lack of manual method when they need to switch into Gmail. To help those users, we have provided complete guidelines on how to import BellSouth Email to Gmail in this blog. Here, we have advised using two efficient tools, Yahoo Email Backup tool to save BellSouth data into PST and Outlook to G Suite Migrator tool to move PST file to Gmail account. This process is able to perform complete AT&T BellSouth to Gmail migration without any data loss.