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Dig In Here To Know How to View Google Vault Exports Files

When it comes to G Suite Enterprise, Business, Education, or Drive Enterprise edition then Google Vault is commonly used. Basically, Vault is entirely web-based and supports emails messages, chats in classic Hangouts, Google Groups, Files in Google Drive, etc. Google Vault permits the user to hold, search, and export data to fulfill the organization’s archiving and eDiscovery needs. Once the Vault locates the messages or file that user needs, then he/she can export them. But how to view Google Vault exports files? Get to know in upcoming sections.

After the completion of the Vault export process, one can download a ZIP file containing PST or MBOX files. These files contain exported data and the user can easily extract the ZIP file. Now, the user will be having data in PST or MBOX file format.

How To View Google Vault Exports PST and MBOX Files?

The user needs to opt for different platforms to open and view PST/MBOX exported files.

For PST File: One has to install and configure Microsoft Outlook to open and read Google Vault exported files in PST format.

For MBOX File: The user can make use of Mozilla Thunderbird email application or any other email client supporting MBOX file to view Google Vault exported files in MBOX format.

Sometimes, the user needs to open and view Google Vault exported files without any email client installation. Here, we are going to provide the solutions for those users who are stuck in such situations. One can opt for an automated utility to open and view Google Vault exports files.

To Open and View Google Vault PST/MBOX Files Without Email Client Dependency

The user can make use of PST Viewer and MBOX Viewer tool to open and read Google Vault exported files respectively.

FreeViewer PST Viewer

With PST Viewer tool, one can easily open, read and analyze PST file without any email client installation. The software is integrated with top-notch functionalities such as easy-to-use interface, multiple view modes, preview attachments associated with emails, no PST file size restriction, etc. The user needs to follow the step-by-step process to view Google Vault exports PST file.

1. Download and launch this tool on your local machine

2. Click on the Add File option to add the Google Vault PST file

3. Next, select the PST file and click on the Add File button

4. The software will display all the data associated with PST file

5. You can easily view emails, contacts, calendars, etc. associated with the PST file

6. To view details related to emails, you can opt for preview modes such as Normal Mail View, Properties View, Attachments View, etc.

7. To view attachments associated with emails, make use of Attachments View mode

FreeViewer MBOX Viewer

The MBOX Viewer permits the user to open and read MBOX files without any email client dependency. The user can easily view MBOX files exported using Google Vault in a seamless way. The tool is associated with a wide range of features such as unbeatable speed and performance, preview emails along with attachments, no email client need, user-friendly interface. To view Google Vault exports MBOX file, you have to implement the method explained below.

1. Install and launch this software on your computer system

2. Click on the Add File option, you will see two options in the Selection Option. You need to choose Select file(s)/folder from the file system option

3. Select the Google Vault MBOX file and click on the Process button

4. The tool will display all the emails associated with the MBOX file

5. You can simply click on the email and view it. You can use preview modes such as Properties View, Message Header View, Hex View, HTML View, etc. to view additional details related to MBOX emails

6. You need to opt for Attachments View Mode to preview attachments associated with MBOX emails

Summing Up

When users extract Google Vault data, that data is exported either in PST or MBOX file format. In fact, to open and view these PST/MBOX file, the user needs to have suitable emails client. As without using email client, it is difficult to open and view Google Vault PST/MBOX exported file. Thus in this blog, we have introduced a versatile, instant, and feature-rich tool to open and view Google Vault exports PST or MBOX files without any hassle.