How to Recover Files Deleted By Windows Defender in an Effective Way?

Windows Defender is an inbuilt anti-malware application on Windows operating systems used by most of the people around the globe. This program is a threat identification and removal program that scans the computer and removes all the files or data that contain the virus, malware, etc. This can badly damage the system also.

Despite widespread usage of this program, it has several cons also. For example, the inbuilt tool while removing the virus infected files; removes the files that are harmless and virus-free. It is because this tool recognizes these files as a threat. And, this has become one of the most common issues encountered by the users.

Thus, this blog discusses methods of how to recover files deleted by Windows Defender.

Why Windows Defender Deletes Healthy Files?

Once the Windows Defender identifies files, which is virus or malware infected, it does not delete it completely. It basically quarantines the files so that it can be reviewed by the user. At this stage, the user has to decide whether the file should be completely removed or by mistake identified as a threat and should be restored.

If the element is quarantined by Windows Defender, then it poses to harm the user’s computer even though it has not been removed completely. Window Defender sometimes identifies the file or the element wrongly as a threat that a user does not want to remove from the system.

Windows Defender is used by many Windows users frequently but sometimes they may face issues like:

“I wanted an antivirus protection program to protect my laptop from virus and malware. So, I got to know about Windows Defender and I used that on my laptop. But recently, Windows Defender was scanning my laptop and some virus was there. After that, I quarantined it and deleted it. But after some time I noticed that some of my healthy files were gone. I just tried to recover my files through system restore but it didn’t help. So, I just want to know that is there any other way through which I can try to recover files deleted by Windows Defender?”

Windows Defender is a free built-in antivirus utility for Windows Operating System. It scans PC or laptop and checks whether it is free from viruses or not. But sometimes, this tool can make mistakes and may identify those files that will not harm your PC/Laptop.

After identifying those harmless files it deletes them from the computer. This way important files/data are deleted from the computer. The post below provides an easy and simple solution to recover data deleted by Window Defender.

Manual Method To Recover Files Deleted By Windows Defender

  1. Go to Start and click on it
  2. Then choose All Apps
  3. Now, go to Windows Defender and click on it
  4. Select Tools and click on it
  5. Now, just click on the Quarantined items option
  6. A box will appear with a list of items in which you have to review each element and then decide whether you want to Remove or Restore that element.
    (If a dialog box appear for Administrator Permission, log in with your credentials)
  7. Now, one by one, click on each element you want to Restore
  8. At last, just click on the Restore button that can be seen at the bottom right of the window.

Note: In case of system corruption, this option will not work to deliver the expected results.

Drawbacks of Windows Defender Procedure

Windows Defender has only some features but if you want more customized anti-malware application then Windows Defender will not work for you. It also lags behind in the terms of scan speed that is scanning speed is relatively slow. If you want to protect your whole system and want the best kind of data security then you have to go for Special anti-malware applications.

Alternative Solution to Recover Files Deleted by Windows Defender

In this case, you can opt for Professional Approach where Windows Data Recovery is the best solution for your all data recovery problems. You can download this software for any version of Windows. As the software is the proficient solution to Scan, View and Recover Data. Some of its features are:

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  1. Lost and Deleted files can be retrieved from Solid State Driver or Hard Driver.
  2. Compatible with many devices like IDE, EIDE and SATA etc.
  3. Can extract information from External Devices like USB, Pen Drive.
  4. Can recover permanently lost items from SSD without any data loss.

Once your important file/data is lost or deleted then recovering those file is a difficult task. It can be done by various software. So, always try to keep the backup of all your data/files so that in case of virus attack you don’t have to worry as you will be having the backup of your data. Now a user get the answer of How to recover files deleted by Windows Defender?


Sometimes, users have accidentally deleted some imported data by using Windows Defender. After that, they want to recover the deleted data, but he/she couldn’t able to recover. Thus, this article tells how to recover files deleted By Windows Defender. As per suggestion Download Hard Drive Recovery Tool to retrieve deleted files from hard drive.