How to Export Android Contacts to Gmail CSV Format?

If you have multiple Android devices or are planning to buy a new smartphone soon, you will find that you will see all your Google contacts on all Android devices connected to your Google account.

But what about those contacts that are quarantined in your phone’s local storage? These are not stored on Google’s cloud and therefore cannot be used on other devices. So how do you solve that conundrum? We will show you how to export Android contacts to Gmail CSV format in a few simple steps.

How to Export Android Contacts to Gmail CSV Format?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to export your Android smartphone contacts:

Step 1: Open the Contacts Option on Android Smartphone Device

Step 2: Tap on the App’s Overflow Menu (3 Horizontal Lines in Upper Left Corner)

Step 3: Tap Settings from Sidebar Menu

Step 4: Next, Tap Export Option

Step 5: Name The File and Tap Save to VCF.

Note: Gmail has an option to import vCard (VCF) file directly, but due to file structure issues, data integrity do not maintained. Therefore, to maintain data integrity, we recommend converting the resulting VCF file to Gmail CSV format.

How to Convert Android VCF File into Gmail CSV Format?

vCard to CSV Converter Software provides a quick solution to Export Android VCF file into Gmail CSV format. Save all Android contact attributes to Google CSV. You can include attributes such as name, email ID, and nickname.

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Steps to Export Android VCF File into Gmail CSV Format

Follow the steps to convert VCF (vCard) file into CSV format:

Step 1: Free Download and Install vCard to CSV Converter Software

Step 2: Browse VCF (vCard) File via Folder & File Mode

Step 3: Next, Preview VCF Contacts With Complete Details

Step 4: Select Google CSV Format From Export Options

How to Import Resultant Android CSV File into Google Contacts?

Follow the below mentioned step by step process to import CSV file into Gmail contacts:

Step 1: First, Log in to Google Contacts

Step 2: Next, Select Import Contacts Option

Step 3: Select Resultant Android CSV File to Upload

Step 4: Finally, Select Import Option to Preview Android Contacts in Gmail


In this article, we have described the best way to export Android contacts to Gmail CSV format. Follow the steps carefully and choose the best solution to convert Android vCard files to Gmail CSV format.