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How to Find Thunderbird Profile Folder Directory Path in Mac / Windows / Linux

With the increasing concern about data security, more and more people are opting for desktop-based email clients like Thunderbird, Outlook, Eudora, etc. Out of which one such is Thunderbird. All the data of Mozilla Thunderbird including email, contacts, tasks, etc. are saved in a single directory, which is known as Thunderbird Profile Folder. The storage path of Thunderbird will vary according to Operating System. Therefore, we have come up with a complete solution to resolve the user’s query that how to find Thunderbird profile folder directory path in Mac / Windows / Linux.

Reasons for Finding Thunderbird Profile Folder Directory Path

There are different reasons due to which users need to search out the Thunderbird file directory path from their machine as mentioned:

Methods of Searching Thunderbird Profile Folder

Thunderbird is a multi-platform application, which means it can function in different operating systems. For each of the operating system, the way of finding the directory path is different. Here are the ways by which Thunderbird Profile Folder can be found in Mac, Windows, and Linux.

For Mac Operated System

A large number of computers run on Mac OS. To find out the Thunderbird profile from your Mac, you need to follow these steps.

Note: If the above directory does not work, users can try putting ~/Library/Application Support/Thunderbird/Profiles/.

For Windows Operated Systems

Windows is the most used operating system around the world. Follow the below steps to find out where Thunderbird Profile Directory is located in your Windows system.

To make the Application Data folder visible, go to Windows Explorer > Tools> Folders Option > View > Check the box beside Show Hidden Files and Folders
In case you are using the new versions of Windows like Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista, the file path will be different. It will be C:\Users\(Windows user name)\AppData\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\.

For Linux Operated Systems

Linux is the most popular open-source operating system. If your system is running Linux, it is very easy to find out the directory path of Thunderbird Profile. Firstly, you have to open the file browser window of Linux and inside ‘Home’, open the folder named ‘Thunderbird’. This is the profile you need. Now, go to the Thunderbird profile of your need. In case this folder is hidden by Linux, go to ‘View’ and click on the option ‘Show Hidden Files.’

Other Methods of Searching Thunderbird Profile Directory Path


This was all about finding the directory path of Thunderbird in different platforms like Mac, Windows, and Linux. Always remember to keep a copy of Thunderbird files in some safe place to avoid data loss in case of an accident. As the readers now know how to find Thunderbird profile folder directory path in Mac Windows Linux, hopefully, they will be able to perform the processes by themselves and achieve the desired result.