Error When Trying to Import CSV into Outlook Contacts – FIXED

Even in the era of instant messaging apps, emails still play a crucial role. Especially in the business world, emails are the only indispensable means of communication used to transfer crucial information over the Internet. Microsoft Outlook is one of the most used emailing services and the best personal information manager. This is an eminent email client that allows to manage a large number of emails and contacts from one place.

The best thing about Outlook is its great flexibility in managing contacts and one can simply import/ export contacts into Outlook. However, there come times when users get errors message when trying to import CSV into Outlook Contacts and this is a very common issue. In this guide, we will discuss a simple solution to fix error importing contacts into Outlook.

Why do I’m Getting an Error When Trying to Import CSV into Outlook Contacts?

There might be several possible reasons due to which users are facing problems importing contacts into Outlook. Trying to import a CSV with no header details like Contact Name, Address, Email, etc., is one of the most common reasons for what error importing contacts into Outlook occurs. Importing unformatted/ corrupted CSV or if the CSV if is not Outlook compatible also can lead users to such errors.

How to Fix Error Importing Contacts into Outlook?

If you want to import CSV to Outlook Contacts then, you have to make CSV Outlook Contacts compatible and this can be done via converting CSV to Outlook supported vCard file format. Follow the steps below to convert CSV to vCard (VCF) file format:

  • Download SysTools Excel Contacts to vCard Converter and run it in your Windows computer

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  • Click on the Browse button and add the contact CSV you are unable to import to Outlook Contacts

  • Preview the CSV file contacts and if the CSV structure looks fine, hit the Next button

  • Pick a CSV contact field and add it with corresponding vCard field and map all the CSV fields

  • Once all the contact fields are mapped successfully, the software will preview the mapped contact fields. Click Next

  • Select the vCard version 2.1/ 3.0/ 4.0 and check Create single vCard option. Browse a destination location and click Convert to fix the error message when trying to import CSV into Outlook Contacts

  • All the CSV contact fields will be converted into vCard file format after this and once the process gets done, navigate to the location and check the exported vCard files

  • Now, you have to import the converted vCard to your Outlook Contacts and for this open Outlook application
  • Click on File >> Import and Export

  • Select Import a vCard File(.vcf) option from Import and Export wizard. Click Next

  • Navigate and select the converted vCard file and click Next

  • Once the vCard import process gets done, the imported contacts will sync automatically with Outlook Contact list

So this is how you can get rid of error message when trying to import CSV into Outlook Contacts.