Fixing DBX File Size Limit Problem: Cannot Send or Receive Messages

This writes up will enlighten users with a very frequent DBX file size limit issue that is faced by almost Outlook Express users. Along with this, we will also discuss some best solution techniques that can fix this error easily.

Outlook Express uses .dbx extension for storing its email data. Each OE folder has a personal DBX extension as Inbox.dbx, Outbox.dbx etc. The maximum size of every DBX file is 2GB. While the DBX file exceeds this 2GB limit then, it becomes corrupted. After this, Outlook Express stops its incoming and outgoing email services. Then, users cannot delete any email from DBX folder and sometimes even cannot read the content of file. This issue is called ‘2GB problem’. Now, let us understand this problem deeply through a user-query posted on a forum website:

“In my Outlook Express 6.0, there are approx 4700+ emails. Yesterday, while I was sending a new email unexpected issue arises that ‘some error occurs while processing the requested task’. After this error prompt, I was unable to open an email from my OE account. I have no idea that what kind of issue is this. Can anyone provide me some constructive suggestions that can resolve this problem? Thank you in advance.”

Fixing Outlook Express DBX File Size Limit Problem

Now, the main question is how to fix Outlook Express DBX file size limit issue? In this section, we will discuss a manual way that can easily resolve this problem. However, there are some prerequisites before continuing for further steps:


  • Delete all unnecessary email messages from outsized DBX folder
  • For organizing emails, create new DBX folder to move old emails

Step 1: Navigate to Outlook Express Store Folder

For finding out the Outlook Express store folder, follow down mentioned steps sequentially:

  • Launch Outlook Express and click on Tools >> Options

  • From Options wizard, click on Maintenance tab

  • Now, click on Store Folder button

  • Select the Outlook Express storage location and Copy this

  • Click on Cancel button twice to quit Outlook Express window
  • Hit, double-click on My Computer and Paste the copied address in its address bar. Then, hit the Enter button

  • From Outlook Express standard options, click on Up button for going to parent folder

Step 2: Backing up Outlook Express Folder

Now, we will make a replica of DBX folder for further use. Here is how to do this:

  • Hit a Right-Click on Outlook Express folder and select Copy option from menu list

  • Now, do not close the explorer window and open a new explorer window. Paste the OE folder on another disk location i.e. root folder of C drive

Step 3: Deleting Oversized DBX File

For freeing up storage space from Outlook Express file, we have to delete the oversized DBX data file. Here the steps are mentioned for the same:

  • Unlock the file explorer window or the original location of Outlook Express folder
    C >> Documents and Settings >> username >> Local Settings >> Application Data >> Identities
  • Hit a double click on Outlook Express folder

  • Select the oversized DBX data file and then Delete it

Step 4: Restore Email from Backup File

In this section, we will restore all the emails from backup file. After doing this, you can view all emails in your new DBX file. To do this follow subsequent procedure carefully:

  • Launch Outlook Express application
    Note: After opening Outlook Express, recreate the deleted folder with a new blank folder
  • Now, you are in Outlook Express main menu. Click on File >> Import >> Message

  • From Select Program wizard, click on Microsoft Outlook Express 6 >> Next

  • Enable the Import mail from an OE6 store directory and click on OK

  • Browse the location of message for finding out the Outlook Express backup folder

  • Select the backup folder and click on OK button

  • Then, click on Next button

  • Choose the Outlook Express folder that you last deleted due to oversize and then, press Next

  • Wait until data import process becomes completed and click on Finish button

After successful data importation, you can view all your emails once again. Now, you can smoothly work with your Outlook Express.

Note: For avoiding this issue in future, create various folders inside Outlook Express and store mails in that.

Outlook Express DBX File Size Limit Problem – Instant Solution

Many users have encountered various issues in Outlook Express. DBX file size limit is one of the most frequent problems faced by its users. Consequently, many users wish to convert their DBX files into Outlook PST. It is so because PST file has no 2GB file size limitations as well as it can store all data items. However, the procedure of data migration is not as easy and simple as it seems to be. Security and safety of DBX data are one of the chief points of concern for users while migrating data.

There are various applications claim a secure DBX to PST conversion. Yet, can we trust any random software? The answer is no. Thus, it is recommended to prefer a trusted and tested utility. One such utility is Microsoft Outlook Express DBX to PST Converter. This software is considered to be the first choice when it comes to conversion of Outlook Express DBX to Outlook PST and fix DBX file size limit error. Download DBX to PST Converter Tool to export multiple DBX files to Outlook PST & MSG format.