Want to Convert PST to Opera Mail? Here’s What You Need to Do!

“I have been using Outlook since the time I’ve started to work from home due to some reasons. No doubt, Outlook is advanced enough with endless functionalities. However, there is no use in my work with these Outlook features. Also, I am not much technically sound to operate Outlook independently. Because of which, I have decided to migrate to Opera Mail, which is quite simple for a home user. However, I am not able to find an accurate solution to convert Outlook to Opera Mail. Could someone suggest some reliable and instant solution to implement this request?”

Are you on the verge to convert PST to Opera Mail? Unfortunately, finding it difficult to fetch a trustworthy approach? If your mind is hovering with similar such queries, then do not worry. Here is the exact blog, which you were looking for! By following this post, one can easily implement the process to transfer Outlook data to Opera Mail MBOX format in a smart yet effortless way.

In this era of technological advancement, there has been a rise of several emails applications with amazing functionalities. It is the matter of fact that Outlook has always been one’s prime choice in selecting an email program. However, due to several reasons there comes a point wherein Outlook users need to export PST to Opera Mail. As we are familiar that Opera Mail is an email and news client. Initially, it was incorporated with Opera Browser. Later, with the launch of Opera v15, a separate entity was created for the same, It stores the data in MBOX format, which is compatible on Windows and Mac OS with unlimited functionalities. Moreover, it can also support IMAP and POP3 accounts.

How to Convert PST to Opera Mail? The Best & Reliable Solution

In order to convert Outlook to Opera Mail for Mac application, there is no reliable manual solution to export the Outlook data to Opera Mail. Moreover, both the email clients stores the data in different file formats, hence it becomes a tedious task to implement the file conversion process from PST to Opera Mail supported MBOX format. Therefore, it is suggested to use PST Export for Mac. It is an advanced utility that lets users to convert all the Outlook data items to MBOX format in a hassle-free way. Besides this, one can bulk import the PST files in Mac OS to convert into MBOX format flawlessly.


How Does the Tool Work to Process PST to MBOX Conversion?

  • Download and launch PST Export tool on the Mac machine. Upload the PST files via Add File(s) or Add Folder(s) option
  • After adding the Outlook PST file on the software interface, select MBOX as the file type and check Maintain Folder Hierarchy option opera mail
  • Under Advance Settings, make use of date filter to export only selective Outlook emails to MBOX format and choose the categories to convert PST to Opera Mail advanced settings
  • Once the required settings are applied, provide the destination location to save the converted MBOX file and click the Export option to initiate the conversion process export process
  • At last, the MBOX file will be placed at the destined location, which needs to be imported to Opera Mail email client

How to Import MBOX file to Opera Mail? A Quick Guide

  1. Launch Opera Mail and navigate to File>> Import and Export>> Import Mail option convert pst to opera mail
  2. In the next window, select Import generic mbox file from the enlisted options and hit Next
  3. Now, from the next wizard, choose Add MBOX button to upload the converted MBOX file from Outlook add mbox file
  4. After adding the MBOX file, click the Next button wherein the import process will begin
  5. Once the import process is successfully completed, the migrated MBOX file can be easily accessed in Opera Mail application

Finally, Converted PST to Opera Mail

One of the most concerning and unanswered queries among Outlook users is “How to convert PST to Opera Mail.” Considering this concern, we have come up with this post where we have elaborated result-oriented approach. With the help of PST Export tool, it is no more a complicated task to export Outlook to Opera Mail. A complete guide for the same is disclosed in a simplified language in this blog.